Tarotcard 13

ל   - Mem (Water) - ל


 The mystical death  -   as mentioned in many cultures 

The spiritual forces now, at the beginning of the seventh main cycle, kill the physical bonds.

Matter also means unconscious negative death forces for the soul.

The divine waters (Mem) dissolve these forces and  so also the basis of profound fears .




(Book of Lambspring 1599 etc.) :

The legend says that a wild beast is in the forest, whose skin is of the blackest color.
If someone kills his head, his blackness will disappear and make room for a snowy white.
Understand the importance of this head:
The blackness is called the head of the raven; As soon as it disappears, a white color is soon manifested; It is given this name, robbed of his head.

Comp.: In the german saga the hero Sigfried rides with his horse Grani to the Gnita-heath to kill the dragon Fafnir with his sword Gram(Balmung)

    Emblem numbered 9 and captioned 'Putrefactio.' from J.D. Mylius - Philosophia Reformata.



The Greek Herodotus wrote of a tomb at eight meters depth, supported by the Bir columns, in which Osiris was laid. When this tomb was actually found, a symbolic stone rack without a corpse was found. (Osiris is also often represented between Isis and Nephthys)



Bar Run

BAR, BEORK, BIRK - Birth, becoming, earthly life.

For this, Bardo and Barong, the saving God of good in Balinese mysticism