Science and Spirituality


"But do never proclaim this words to him who does not repent, nor honor me, nor listen to   me, who mutters against me again and again", Bhagavad-Gita 18


Modern science has superficially seen disproved  the ancient myths and cosmologies and cosmogonies about the origin of creation, which in the past defined the basic order for the cohabitat of most people, and it provides a modern rational world-view with mathematics. But most people do not see that it just touches the surface and cannot give real answers on the origin of the universe.
In Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism however, little known descriptions of a cosmic order are found with spiritual connections, which belonged to the contents of secret doctrines.

== Astronomy ==

Modern astronomy presents us the model of a universe with a diameter of more than 25 billion light years (9.5 quadrillion metres or 5.9 trillion miles) and with the shape of a flat ball. (Infrared background measurement, which is based on the shaky Big Bang theory, although its radiation pattern contradicts this).

It contains over 1 000 000 000 galaxies as our Milky Way or similar objects, with over 10 ^ 22 suns. Alone in our Milky Way exist are more than 1 billion suns.

Some calculations contain  estimated 20,000 solar systems in the universe, for which is a likelihood that the labile climatic planetary conditions for organic life exist there. (> Ufo Note:)

Modern science has devoted itself to naturalism, and it practices a rational science theory with a relatively naive realism. However, scientists do not and cannot know in principle what is behind matter and whether there is a "behind" anyway, what she supplants (eternal existence etc.).

The modern "explanation" of our origin from the Big Bang , for which no mathematical-physical theory exists, would mean that the possibly oscillating creation ultimately comes out of nowhere. Regarding the big bang rose in the meantime doubts up about the atypical distribution of the background radiation.

The Big Bang is also in contrary to the Indian theory of the Yugas or Kalpas [1], which teaches on the extremely short existence of the material worlds in comparison to the existence of the spiritual worlds, which are the result of a systematic artificial materialization of certain primordial spiritual forces (into Mula Prakriti or Maya).

Ancient and modern physics

In addition, modern physics has developed new mathematical models and  a physics philosophy, in which space and time are blurred, and it is in search of a uniform field theory.

Trendsetting are the  Quantum physics, which  has now reached its limits despite its complexity and Einstein's  general relativity . There are also speculative currents in quantum physics, for example the approach of two parallel material universes.

The stringtheory  uses far more than three dimensions and gave hope for the basis for a theory of gravity. But  it could not be confirmed, rather the opposite. An extended string - model is based on judgments in a background field.

After the three quarks as basic particles of the neutron in the atomic nucleus, the theory of a Higgs field with bosons  finally led to the verification of the intensely sought Higgs boson, which is near the short-lived Param-Anu of the buddhic plane but still remains in the field of matter, whereby the Higgs field gives the resulting particles their mass - similar to Hindu - Mula - Prakriti or Maya.

The unanswered question is what causes this universal Higgs energy field to separate different bosons on a large scale - and  why space curves around the bosons. There may be something that interacts with this field beforehand and causes that. From an esoteric point of view, the Higgs field is reminiscent of the Maya Tattva, which is excited by the rays of the Purushas. But there are other particles on every plane. The manas is one of them.

Biology - man as modern genom

Modern science, with its denial of the divine and also of the possibility of a divinised person, follows the path of form and of death. It made extensive progresses in the field of chemistry and therefore does not stop at humans either, whereby unsolvable 'ethical' problems arise. Inspite of modern "enlightenment" it has problems to find the right ethic rules while it monotonously tries to leave the rules of nature behind and so ends in an environmental pollution and overpopulation as result of the lack of selfcontrol.

Science is now questioning man as a reproducing biological genome, which has been perfected during the course of a natural evolution during millions of years and is now gradually selfconscious  able to  analyze and alter itself with the help of the cognitive reason, which, however, is overshadowed by many dark and selfish forces and energies.

The "value" of the materialistic man, as far as it is at all considered, is thereby reduced to his position in society, his intelligence, and his properties and posessions. This biological human thus has a component of self-delusion.

In essence, the special value of man was completely questioned by the scientific possibility of cloning him once or by reducing him to a complex chemical process.

The purpose of a society is to protect man and the transmission of the culture and the knowledge, which is the educational basis of higher human evolution, which will at the end leave the ties to the animal kingdom behind.

First in the high age in the face of death, the instinct of self-preservation of the materialist sometimes presents the disappointed question of the hidden meaning of the efforts: But who can give the answer, because blind people can not help out blind people, and religion offers an escape model and the uncertain hope of a continuation of life after death, a life, which one does not know and does not understand, since the outer religions do not accept an astral-body and spread illusions of a life in heavens (in whatever body).

But are we otherwise so progressive ?

Until a few hundred years ago, western external religions believed that the earth was flat - until Galileo came. Shortly before him Giordano Bruno, an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician and poet had been burned at the stake in Rome's Campo de' Fiori in 1600 because of heresy and magic. He denied of several core Catholic doctrines and had a cosmological theorie, which conceptually extended the Copernican model. He proposed that the stars were just distant suns surrounded by their own exoplanets with the possibility of even foster life of their own. He also insisted that the universe is  infinite and has no celestial body at its center.

In the asian religions the view of the worlds and the understanding of the ages were more comprehensive, as they were often taught by the  masters, while normal people could not read and write.

In Hinduism exist are drawings of Vishnu, who fills and transcends the universe on a higher level. Our universe is here only one of billions of Brahmandas.

The Indian Maha - Puranas contain detailed descriptions of the time cycles of the universe and of the higher worlds as well as the creation of the countless universes by Vishnu - Narayana. There are descriptions of stars in such Hindu scriptures that revolve around higher stars in cycles of hundreds of thousands of years.

In the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Book3) stand detailed descriptions of the time-cycles of the universe inclusive of the higher worlds.

Kasmir Shaivism teaches about planes still higher than Hinduism.

In Jainism, there are drawings of a spiritual cosmic man (-> Jaina-Lokapurusha, Vishnu as Vishvarupa) in which we live. Our universes exist here in a gap of the infinite space.

In Tendai - Buddhism, there is the doctrine of "microcosm and macrocosm". The world is described as being constructed in shells. Satori means to see the smallest, the extremely short-lived "Param-Anu", also described by Dharmakirti and in Samkhya, which should not be mixed up with the bosons of nuclear physics, which exist on a lower plane.

In many sutras of Ekayana is taught about emerging and regressing universes on higher  planes of creation.

The majority of such eastern cosmologies had been developed by enlightened persons and sometimes also by true masters who had the knowledge from personal experience or from the divine hierarchies.

But true enlightenment means to see the entire universe from the standpoint of a higher body, something unimaginative, incomprehensible, and therefore ridiculous to the modern materialistic man, since it totally questions him. He does anyway usually not want to know of any higher bodies required for this purpose.

Spirituality and modern life

Modern scientists have found a variety of laws of the material plane and developed mathematics and informatics, electronics  and chemistry. So they were able to use physics for a better life and as a consequence for the explotation and destruction of nature, because things are in the false hands of both - consumers and business people.

Scientists and technicians have developed fascinating technologies - but the majority of mankind lives in concurrence with each other, and the growth of worldpopulation is out of control,  because of the new possibilities, with the result of upcoming wars and flows of refugees.

Mankind has developed the mind but not the soul, which is dying und mostly already has died and exists as a gray shadow with the consequence of desires and aspirations accordingly.

The eastern religions see man as a carrier of his soul, who is bound to his Karma and his Dharma, his individual  destination and the destination of his society. They know methods of development of the higher spiritual soul and of liberation from the influences of the lower planes of creation(Moksha).  But these teachings were subject to secrecy by the masters and gurus and the priesthood. Even in Asia they usually required the initiation by a teacher or guru.

The comparable hermetic teachings in the ancient western cultures have also been kept secret. Such teachings were mostly veiled with a symbolic language because of the influence of the christian churches and the states. Especially since the beginning of last century  were asian techniques spread by religious scientists and world travelers in the West.

Most modern people in the west laugh about such teachings, because their soul is nearly dead and spirituality is beyond their personal experience and disturbs their intolerant selfbalance. They are  slaves of their body and of their wishes and dreams, and they look at these spiritual teachings as a superstition from ancient times. Success counts for them, their souls have nowadays styled primitive wishes and materialistic visions.

In Asia religion is  dying because of western influences and also because people dont understand their own religions. But also in the past, people with spiritual aspirations were a minority in Asia. They  are nowadays blinded by the possibilities of modern science - and the gurus had no solutions for practical life. Additionally psychology tries to explain spirituality  by natural science, neurology and religious psychology.

So the gurus and people who demonstrate spiritual forces have become rar in India and are often laughed at there. For the necessary synthesis is today's world  too immature, too rigid, and mentally too undeveloped. The higher Dharma has unfortunately been the abyss since several ten thousands of years, because the very highest divine doesnt want the ascent of the souls into the divine.

Our western culture, which is nowadays based on economic globalization, solidifies in faith in the technically feasible and trusts in the intellect, which partly represents very opposing viewpoints,  since he is the servant of the blind mind behind it. It is, however, only a temporary selfish phase of human evolution with a disastrous end, which, like everything else, is also a part of the universal divine world plan.

Holy science

I speak in this context about spiritual science as a universal "Holy science" which includes teachings of the higher worlds and sees and transcends our material world as the lowest plane.  It is often in contradistinction to religious science or to a superficial universalism, and it goes beyond what can be sensibly perceived.

Its knowledge was at first transmitted by masters with divine self-realization. The spontaneous spiritual consciousness (Chit) of Ishvara, the creator god, needs neither terms nor  the mathematics, whose origin it is. Over the course of the millennia this secret knowledge was unfortunately mixed with half-knowledge or adapted to social environments and necessities.

Modern science uses concepts, models and mathematics and nowadays widens and deepens the knowledge on such a broad horizontal front, that life seems to be a combination and interaction of certain fundamental formulas, even if it steps down to such fundamental things like the "bosons" als elementary particles - and to timless quantum - processes.

Modern science must stay on the material surface of creation, and  very often it becomes the servant of the things which  created  and financed it. Modern science cannot reach the astral planes or the mental planes, despite of the transcendental planes and the spiritual planes. It  cannot describe the gnostic infinite planes with their unusual laws and characteristics, i.e the Characteristics of the divine consciousness (Chit).

The "Holy science" acknowledges the laws of the material plane(Prithivi anda) which come from the limitedhood of the underlying material energy-filed(maya). Our world is just a final state of the "Maya", which vibrates under the influence of the Atman.

If the kabbalistic "Sepher Yetzirah" speaks about "Counter, number, counted" then it states that this origin of the numbers is on a divine plane. Therefore the astral plane could be a similar world with its own planets and its specific laws.
The very details of the "Holy Science" must stay a secret science of the higher initiates, and therefore it publishes only the description of the process of evolution, of transformation and of transfiguration, because these things should not be a toy (but are already partially) in the false asuric hands, a problem that always exists because of the polarity of creation.

It is not important whether these forces are viewed at as good and evil, as light and darkness, or as destructive and creative forces. Our momentary material world obeys the destructive laws of unconsciousness, and on our dark planet the higher consciousness is always in danger to be drawn down to by these involutionary forces. This is the main reason for the spreading decandency, which likes these hidden vital forces as a fundamental part of the momentary human nature.

Therefore it cannot be the aim of a "holy science" to find  mathematical formulas and to publish them to the undeserving ignorance.  Even if a very high master should be able to understand these laws, he would never publish this, because it is a divine secret of his initiation, and HE  must serve the divine plan, and the higher divine controls him.

It is the purpose of a "Holy science" to show which forces are necessary for the path and to show, what has to be transformed to reach the next step within the 22 steps, either with the model of the seven "rays" or with the " four elements or with the direct synthetic spiritual energy : The description of the spiritual worlds and of the divine regions must therefore be very gross.

Holy scientists

So the "Holy science" is based on "Holy scientists" - comparable with holy yogis - who are busy with their work on the path to develop the gnostic divine person. They have left behind the small human ego, which is a servant and a controller of the lower worlds. Their self has its roots in the spiritual soul (atma-jnana).

This rational treading of the path would actually be a demand of modernity. It should not be a method to draw the most beneficial from the methods for modern life, to stabilize the asuric Maya-Path, and it should not so become the erroneous path of a spiritual materialism (as taught by the black masters).

By the accompanying spiritual philosophy and after practice of introspection and spiritual transformation the ability to understand the cosmic laws increases.

Finally it should not be forgotten, that even behind the highest divine worlds  a highest synthetic hidden consciousness exists, under whose control everything unconsciously works and functions, and whose consent is necessary, which is not self evident.