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* Planes (Loka) (bodies)     (shaivism)

The Ones (Bailey) 

(The Radhasoami)

- -

The Supreme

(rather undefined)

- -
8 Anami Lok (agam)
Agam Lok (alakh)
Alakh Lok (sat lok; sach khand)





The Supreme

(rather undefined)

- Paramshiva of kashmir shaivism ---
beyond :
primordial Shiva with Parashakti


Top of Satya-Loka

- - allmight - allscience Sadashiva
(Ishvara as Parambrahma)
6 Divine Gnosis, Brahman (Chit/Ananda; Agama) Tapo-Loka


(Monadic atom)

Chit - Tapas ... Ananda

relative spiritual


and allove

cosmic creative Gods like Maheshvara (Ishvara)

Mahavishnu, Krishna,

5 Atmic lightplane Jana-Loka


(Spiritual soul)

Supermind (Atman) enlightened
4 Buddhic

Mahar-Loka causal body

five sheaths (pancha-maya-kosas)


- (purusha)
(dark Kali)
Glamour Devas/Asuras
3 Mental Swar-Loka

mental body


Intuition ... Illumined Mind... (Prakriti)
Higher Mind ... Thinking Mind
Illusions Suras/Asuras
2 Bhuvar-Loka Astral


Astral body

Vital(1) Delusion Rakshasas (2)
- Prana,Chi,Lung -  


vital (pranic etheric body)

1 Material worlds Bhu-Loka


(material body)

Body - Pisachas
or devils

In Hinduism exist further 7 lower regions ( Patalas ) as the drawing of Vishnu as cosmic man shows who stands on the cosmic snake Shesha.

The Shiva Purana teaches, that with each set of 500,000 mantra songs, the householder is blessed with the riches and wealth of the various Lokas, beginning with Atala and ending with Satyaloka. (01: Satya-loka 02: Tapa-loka 03: Jana-loka 04: Mahar-loka 05: Svar-loka 06: Bhuvar-loka 07: Bhu-loka ... to the higher worlds / areas - vyahrtis 08: Atala-loka ... from here the lower worlds / areas - patalas 09: Vitala-loka 10: Sutala-loka 11: Talatala-loka 12: Mahatala-loka 13: Rasatala-loka 14: Patala-loka).

The seven etheric Chakras (whirls of energy) of the developed disciple stand in connection with and in relation to the four "elements" and to several planes of creation.
They are of special importance on the magic path and in the tantric tradition.
Besides the seven big chakrams exists several other smaller Chakrams.
It is a theme of the trialpath up to step 14 of the Universal Path to develop these chakras .

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