Ngöndro - the preparatory exercises


Ngöndro (Wylie sngon ‘gro) bzw. Chag Chen Ngöndro are preparatory and basic practices of  Vajrayana. A special Nyingma and  Dzogchen-Form is the Longchen -Nyingtik.

These practices are skillful means of the Sadhana to achieve a profound healing and cleansing of one's own mind, independently of one's own spiritual realization stage.

They prepare practitioners for the path of the Vajrayana or the teachings of the Dzogchen and gradually lead them to the experience of enlightenment.

Outer preparations

The external preparations begin, for example, with contemplations which turn away the spirit of Samsara and are contained in practice texts as "The Four Thoughts" and also with Vajra recitation with the syllables OM AH HUNG (swaha).

Inner preparations

They inspire the renunciation and the desire to escape Samsara and to enter the path of liberation and salvation. They are the basis for all specific practices.

  • Refuge to Buddha, recognition of his teachings (Dharma), the Sangha as friends on the path, awakening confidence in the own Buddha nature (voidness / wisdom and clarity / compassion of one's own mind / consciousness continuum)
  • Awakening unconditional equanimity and unconditional love, unconditional sympathy and unconditional compassion (bodhichitta). The heart of the enlightened mind and a training of one's own mind with oneself, others and all difficulties, problems and sufferings wise and compassionate
  • Healing and cleaning the four veneers by Vajrasattva practice
  • The accumulation of merit and wisdom by universal generosity and prostration of auspicious circumstances by mandala offering
  • Guru yoga practice with the union of one's own mind with one's own wisdom (wisdom of all Buddhas) and thereby inner awakening of the wisdom of the realization

Liberation from the four delusions

  • Prostrations that clean up veneers which are in contact with the body
  • The recitation of the one hundred syllable mantra of Vajrasattva  cleans delusions of language
  • Mandala sacrifice cleans the delusions associated with the mind
  • Guru yoga that cleans delusions of body, language and spirit

Five Nails


The 'five nails' (tib. gZer lNga) are Ngöndro - exercises of the northern terma (Byang gTer, Termas von Rigdzin Godem).

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