Sadhana in Islam


Islamic Sadhana (an example:  Kalam allah)

  --- Guide us to the direct path (al-Sirat al-Mustaqeem)" ( Surah Fateha 1:6) ---

 ---  Call upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful. Whichever you call - to Him belong the best names." And do not recite loudly in your prayer or quietly but seek between that an way. ( Surah Surah 17:110 ) ---

Already the Masonic writings of the Turkish Bhektashi dervishes show how much the exercises of the Sufis and other groups were kept secret.

In Islam the rotation of the rosary bead chain and the lifting of the hands to the sky are still common.

There is a very simple Sadhana, which consistently run a lifetime, can allow the inner ride on the Buraq, which the practitioner has to realize in himself, and thus after death, the entering into the paradise or into a heaven, to the 'Fana-fi-Allah'.

An Islamic practice could therefore look like this:

The practitioner should be as alone as possible!

It is left to the practitioner to raise his hands to Allah before, etc.

1. Rotate the Rosary with muttering repetition of the name 'Nama-Allah' (spoken : Na-Ma-Al-la-H), while focusing on the heart and with visualization of a half-open moon with a fivestar in its center (for 30 minutes or longer) in the heart (not nama-alla but also possible : Na-Ma-h Al-la-h or Na-Ma-ha-Al-la-h). 

after this :

2. Visualization of a half-open moon above the head with a luminous fivestar in the center of the moon-semicircle (30 minutes or more - depending  on whether a beginner or an advanced)  and parallel an inner mental repetition of the name 'Nama-Allah' (Na-Ma-Al-la-H).