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The Hierarchys

Beyond the perfection .....

The planetary Logos, the sirian One and the One in the center of the Universe...
Beyond the highest Paramshiva or in the highest planes of Parabrahman begins regarding to Master D.K. the hierarchy of the ONEs or Logosses, inchoate with the logos of our planet. D.K. assigns them to the upper layers of the seventh or Adi - plane.
This very highest hierarchy was the first time described in the books of A.A. Bailey. The word 'Logos' is not quite correct, because the greece 'Logos' and the creative word of the revelation of St. John are already a creation of the Para-Shakti, i.e. actually still deeper as 'Omkara' in the Tapa-Loka.
The central ONE...

The Ones form a cosmic hierarchy. The highest ONE in the center of the universe reigns regarding to D.K. 49 directly subordinated 'One's.
The One of the Sirius system controls referring to D.K. seven subordinated logosses, inclusive the logos of our Sun. He determines what is happening in their systems(Adi-Dharma and Karma - what these Ones want must fulfill), all this on order or with approval of the highest One in the centre of our universe and his seven cosmic monadic avatars in the 6th plane.

Our logical thinking suggests that the highest deity is a resource of superiority and love and harmony and wisdom etc.. Yogananda describes his creative power in his cosmic vision, which is only a very low creative force in the monadic plane.
But the central one just occupied the spiritual universe which Mahavishnu had created as one of billions. He invaded the universe like a cuckoo and abused his powers from his high plane.
The very highest synthetic power leaves such properties, which are properties of lower divine planes, far behind. Therefore is here also the highest origin of the abysses of our existence.
This very highest ONE is the same type as the subordinate One of the SIRIUS(and as our planetary Logos or One), and one can describe him unfortunately best with the sentence:
"This is a One...", i.e. a cold and ruthless tyrant and completely arrogant pascha - far beyond any goodness, mercy and compassion - who carrys over all rules and knows at the same time exactly what he is doing and he keeps the thumb. 'His disgrace' produces because of his seventh cosmic initiation hardly low forces like Maya(divine anger) und works mostly on the highest divine plane, but he uses the lower worlds to live out his shabby character, and he is also responsible for the fall of the lower worlds into the Maya.
He uses for his more than strange and incomprehensible cruel world plan (in its planning it with Him exposed and other wealthier must - perhaps because it all went well since forever) with the lower planes his 7 ray-avatars and also subordinate Ones like the sirian One, who act directly and abuse on the other hand the masters as individual forces and indirect all individuals too.
He also respects the highest masters as nothing and looks with absolute arrogance down at them. He wants to create roughshod all inclusive of the most negative, and for this is every means right to him. He refuses the sight of a criminal act and looks haughtily and with contempt down on the creation, even though he is only a created divine beeing but which was allowed to develop so high.

The creation is not a misbegooten existence which leads a life of its own. 'His bad magnificence' wants that things are as they are, inlusive the negativities and disharmonies (inclusive their extremes), ie. for better or for worse. He knows also the details and sets them, and what the Ones want must be so : Adi-Dharma.

All this belongs to a cyclic eternal plan and it allows the much quicker development of many Ones and the rise of masters like the Sanat Kumara (i.e. he was chosen for his position and his career - perhaps also because of his personality) into ONEs. The form-wolds exist viewed from the divine time scale only for a short time and the sight of the suffering beeings of the form-worlds is not respected.
There are as said before many other profiteers such as the SS Kumara, the 'Lord of the World ' who as a former regent of the second ray on Sirius was allowed and ordered to develop up to the ONEs, ie. he was chosen, not because its merits but rather because of his personality structure.
The majority of the natural souls perishes in the course of eons or is otherwise destroyed, because the ONEs do not need so many masters and dont want them. The monadic masters are merely important for the final transformation of the planes and they would have the same karma if the divine would not need them.
The central One hides the form worlds and his exraordinary strange, cruelisch and descipcable plans with the lower planes carefully from the higher divine worlds to which he could not sell what he does.

All that raises the question to the worldplan how something allegedly so perfect can want something so unperfect, and whether hypocrisy and falsehood are means of perfection, but the creation is not respected, and where no judge.... Important is only that the will of the ONEs and their career is fulfilled.

The central One is however still not the highest universal deity but the highest God of our 'small' and relatively insignificant universe(~25 billion lightyears diameter). He has a dispute with the Ones's of the surrounding universes about his behaviour.
The highest universal deity beyond all universes and other creations who controls everything (!) is not known referring to master D.K..
The sirian One

The One of the SIRIUS-system is regarding to master D.K on the fourth of seven cosmic empowerments or initiations, whereas the logos of the Sun is on the third cosmic initiation, on which the mercy is a central theme(probably rather the refusal and overcoming of mery), who is currently in a period of meditation.
The One of our earth planet, who had to leave the solar hierachy as other planetary logosses, is on the first cosmic initiation. His goal is the second cosmic iniatiation.

Master D.K. refers often to the 'sirian One', about whom to talk is not permitted(!) and to whom the White Brotherhood is subordinated. The Sanat Kumara will return to the Sirius in a distant future after the completion of his cosmic initiations to succeed the One.
Contact to the Ones is only possible through a master and that is then usually a frustrating experience.
The sirian One lives in absolute indescribable glory and power, but he is unfortunately a ruthless merciless ruthless hypocrite and absolutely egoistic and selfish(personification of divine self-love) tyrant, who endows nothing to anyone and acts ultimately only acts for his own initiation.
He is ultimately responsible for the chaotic developments of humanity, which are partly commanded by the highest One in the center of of the universe and in our system carried out and reinforced by the 'sirian One' - with the commentary of the central One "...he may do so..." - and the planetary Logos and their subordinate masters.
The sirian One disregards the 'free will' of masters and of the incarnated souls and sacrifices them mercilessly for his own purposes and punishes any disobedience ("... the One had recently sacrificed four masters into the animal kingdom ..."). He works selfish only for his initiation. His sirian masters are divine marionettes and he looks at the atmic plane as weak and perishable forces and lights. Even the monadic plane is for him only a faint radiance. (I describe here my personal experience of an involuntary initiation.)
He determines the dharma of the lower worlds and looks nevertheless hypocritical with anger at the chaos that he has caused.
The planetary ONE

The closest to us standing One is the planetary Logos, in whose aura (sphere of influence) we live. Unfortunately we feel not much from His presence and his forces. Most of the higher powers of our planet come from the Sun and from the outer space.
It was He wo stuck the black Lodge into our planet in coordination with the sirian One, and from that time mankind had to live in a negative planet (like Mars and Saturn) with masses of in the darkness perishing souls.
He is of the same type as the sirian One and He looks at mankind with anger just like the sirian One.
His seat is almost exactly opposite to Shamballah halfway around the world.
He is also the obstacle that hinders the higher development to step 21 of masters wo are not member of his hierarchy or not member of the White Brothership, in accordance with the One from Sirius, who incarnates the masters periodically.
Good and evil in the cosmic plan

The sirian One controls regarding to A.A.B. seven subordinate logosses, including the logos of our sun. He determines what happens in their systems, all that in coordination or on order of the highest One who resides in the highest divine parallel to the to the center of our universe, and from whom the the seven cosmic avatars go out.

Mercy is no characteristic of the Sirian One, who meddles everywhere quarrelsome, and master D.K. admits that the Brothership consists mainly of Masters of Wisdom and not Masters of Compassion (by the latter will the Earth in a far future be lifted up, so that is probably not the White Brotherhood and possibly first after the Kumara has returned to the Sirius).

The ONE and his subordinate masters of the Sirius system have obvioulsy a very tolerant position to the evil forces(The rays and the initiations (Seven rays V) pg. 716 2.en)- those forces which master D.K. underplays as " condensed dark forces" or forces which " exists only from the standpoint of time " . The ONE uses them arbitrary direct and indirect as means of action, and not only the direct forces of Maya. Admittedly speaks master D.K. about a big only to certain masters knows center of the cosmic evil.

D.K. also states that the Sanat Kumara creates large streams of Maya during his current first cosmic Empowerment on the Pleyades (similar to Maya-streams during the union of Shiva and Shakti in Hinduism) and thereby he stimulates indirectly the lower forces. But at full moon in May he pours out the light-gral on us...

The sirian One sacrifices everything inclusive the masters for his benefit and for his career into the Center of the Universe. He has never been incarnated, tolerates no opposition, recognizes no free will, and the millions of perishing souls are bothersome for him as beeings of Maya and he looks down on them with anger and knows no mercy in his selfish glory. His plans are a mirror of his ruthlessness und selfishness and hypocrisy.

The individual has no right for him and his even higher initiators, to which he makes obedience, because beyond the highest monadic divine exists quite different standards or laws.

The sirian One also prevented that Atlantis ended more than undecided. He hinders the masters under threat to protect the disciples with "the power", even though the karma and the imperfections are directly and indirectly related to activities in the divine and their compulsive realization. This is just the unchangable future and the negative karma of the people as part of a cosmic plan, which includes the negative which forms on our planet one of its poles(and therefore should or better must).
The sentence "You live in absolute bliss, and we suffer in agony," because of which the Sanat Kumara had allegedly compulsorily been send into our solar system (better : because he could develop here much quicker) is therefore a mockery.(Perhaps has master D.K. beautified this out of fear before the One.) My personal transfers during initiations delivered very different contents :
The ONE does not allow the higher masters to destroy the biggest culprits of the black lodge, against which the weak souls cannot fight, but he has consciously given the souls into their violence , and he deludes the true relationships because he does not respect human souls. He forces their incarnation and "sacrifices" they mercilessly because he doesnt want to have so many masters.

Master D.K. describes him as a "divine rebel". He is (in my opinion) a ruthless and egoistic Divine careerist and abuser of his power. He is in reality by far the biggest hidden criminal and at the same time also the largest black master because he uses the Mayaforces as a means of his acting and his plans in the lower planes. Every means is him right.
He looks hypocritical with anger on mankind, whose fate he has so negative determined, and he is thus a great injustice ruler and a great divine scheme, a personification of divine self-love, and he is responsible that our planet became a negative planet with all the consequences for the perishing souls. He has no interest in a spiritual golden age - all this with approval("he may do so...) or on the instructions of the ONE in the center of the universe, who in contraray wants the spiritual age, even if not out of mercy or compassion.

Therefore, it is only natural that the highest deity in his final gracelessness and ruthlessness and glory receives mainly an echo of hatred and contempt from the sunken humanity in the abyss, what bothers little and is sometimes answered with an outbreak of anger or a stroke of fate inspite of the fact that the highest dive controls everything absolutely.

Highest divine perfection knows no harmony because of the absolute unity and has no criterion than himself. Somehow however, it seems that the highest Divine to has a lack of perfection, because otherwise it would not create imperfection or want to create imperfection in his plan.
Qualitative perfection according to our standards counts obviously not, and the most negative events are for this far and untouched consciousness only transient temporal form-states, and therefore it tolerates and maintains and even intents them mercyless.
Only those Ones like the S.S. Kumara are the profiteers of those creations and are allowed to have cosmic initioations and the existent Ones can so have much quicker developments.
The latter comment also describes the existing reality, as no "sparrow falls from the roof without the will God" insofar as one is able to recognize that at all in the face of the world-delision and materialism.
A simple example is the suggestion of a high master who wants to improve the bad karma of a sincere student and then gets the standard answer, he cannot do nothing or almost nothing and has to suffer the little on his own body - or an outbreak of anger because the master supports the individual. The Divine Plan must be fulfilled and cannot not be changed in details. Hence, the compassionate creator deity of the sixth plane - Ishvara - is not free in his actions.
All that allows an insight about the highest ONE in the center of the universe who is the "neither benevolent nor mercyful nor compassionate" (properties which exists only within the 12 properties of the revealed divine of the the sixth plane). He exists high above the synthesis of all divine forces. The divine does not bow down to the human (Maya). Even Sri Aurobindo admitted that only Sri Krishna turns a little bit into the human direction.
It it is easy to conclude, how the entire highest divine sees the human and respects the individual, and how it is ever set in his otherworldly selfish glory and power. This is the less known and deterrent side of the "very highest spiritual sun".
Therefore the masters speak about 'Surrender to the Divine' and not only under the inner personal Divine which could naturally have very different plans.

The aftertaste for the intrepid reader of these lines is rather daunting and can damp the aspiration for divine selfrealization. But it explains the often very strange and very inactiv behaviour of the masters.
"When the lowest of the low, the densest of dense and the highest of the high will all have been lifted up by the small human wills, then the One in which we live can lift the lifeful enlightened world into the bright light, and then another larger voice can say to him: "It is good. Step forward. The light shines."
(A.A. Bailey: Discipleship in the New Age; pg. 314-31)
[Ann.: That is, as a 'Judas blood money' for all the things he has wreaked in the lower worlds, - just like the sirian One who will then have disappeared since a long time and of course the ONE in the center ouf our universe, who was allowed to develop into the highest plane and got his blood money for the cosmic evil deeds which he had to to and had no inner problems to do them.]