In the time after the vedic period master Adi Shankara introduced the "Varna" , the cast-system, which had a spiritual background at that time - and the four steps of life.
He divided india into four areas - each with a Shankaracharya.

The Shankara - Order teaches the Sanatan - Dharma and teaches that EVERY path of YOGA is based on the 8 steps of Ashtanga-Yoga (= Raja- Yoga ; --> part 3) , and so is another proof for the UNIVERSAL PATH, the inner unity of the scriptures of ALL religions (further : Part1, chapter 3)

The five pages deal about a visit of Mr. Kropinski at the Shankara - Order in 1987 , originally because of the disturbences caused by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ( who is a black master out of the sight of the author ) - but they teach a lot about the inner structure of the Shankara-Order - and a bit about the Sanatan Dharma and the Mantras.

A visit to the shankaracharya 1987 (TM - EX - Letter of Robert Kropinski from the internet).

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Part 2

PART 3 ( 22 Steps) !

Part 4

Part 5

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