Scools, Teachers and Gurus

The spirituality becomes due to its complexity and the problems of the practical implementation very quickly a meander. Therefore most seekers try to find a spiritual leader who solves these problems and leads them in the background. A competent master who leads us could be a big help and is in most cases necessary in our negative world ! People who are under all circumstances against masters are developing their small EGO and their own seperatistic PERSONALITY ! But in practice this faith in the hidden leadership and protection by a master is an illusion because of the personal Karma and Dharma!

Teachers and Gurus

"Two doves sit on the roof. Jesus crosses the street and one dove says : Guckediguru"

For many spiritual seeker gurus are an absolute authority or a symbol of the divine goal. Gurus are often looked at to have reached the highest goal (Satguru), but very often they are only a disciple of a late master or the legal successor of a guru. Very often they have the position of a spiritual father or mother (babaji, mataji) for their disciples.
Many gurus expect that the disciple surrenders to them and gives up his EGO, loves the guru and so gradually identifies more and more with him (Guru - Yoga) who serves as a gateway to the divine.
Most Gurus have founded a spiritual organisation and have a specific teaching and specific exercises. Almost all gurus say that they belong to a tradition like White Brothership or Radhasoami or Buddhism.
But many Gurus have a double tongue .

One should not expect that gurus spread the strongest exercises for a quick enlightenment(which would soon be spread everywhere and be abused for worldly purposes), or that they give You protection. The divine providence allows only seldom to use the power. The DIVINE is not at all interested in the individual enlightenment. The individual soul is only a means in the divine plan and rather unimportant for these forces of infiniteness. Too many masters would be out of control, and in the divine plan the common enlightenment of the small rest of the surviving souls is planned for a time in a distant future - with small prior periods where Avatars help mankind.
In our part of the milk-stret the divine ONE, the Logos of Sirius, controls the masters and wants that masters control those seekers who try to go their own path (like Buddhism and Taoism). He doesnt want that and does not accept the free will of man at all ! Therefore "surrender to the divine" has much a wider meaning in reality.
Of course there are several really enlightened masters(Step20) under the well known gurus and teachers, and there were real Satgurus in the past.

Besides the gurus exist the TEACHERS like Buddha Gautama was and many Lamas and several Yogis of different scools are. Furthermore exists more or less progressed people all over the world who have founded a scool and teach a small aspect of the path - from their limited point of view - mostly relying on old books or traditions.
Here stands the personal developement in the foreground, and the disciple is not so much bound to the master. He can uphold the personal spiritual Ego.
To reach step 21 und 22 of the UNIVERSAL PATH every master must give up the higher spiritual EGO for the price of an infinite divine Ego, mostly on the ray of a higher divine master who leads him and controls him. But only selected masters are allowed to pass the gate(Agama) to these further steps.

Examples of such modern gurus and teachers are :

The various Kriya-Yogascools
Master Ching Hai ( Quan Yin = Surat Shabda Yoga !)
The unofficial Sikh-Masters
The Kundalini-Yogascools
the Eckankar - Organisation
SANT MAT, Radhasoami (Surat Sabda Yoga)
The yogascools of Sivananda (Hatha-, Mantra- and Raja-Yoga)
the various masters of Sufism
Mata Amritanandamayi ("OM-MA"-Breath- Meditation...)
Bhagwan "Kalki" and Amma(Livinginjoy).
Sri Chinmoy from New York who 1972 left the Aurobindo-Ashram in south-india ( His teachings)
Dharma-Master Ji Kwang Dae Pop Sa Nim(Mandala-Meditation)

and several less known gurus und teachers and small scools like Theosophy and the Arcanscool of A.A. Bailey.

"The third claim is "surrender to the master". But that does not mean servile observation of the orders of a master or a teacher behind the scene , as it is demanded in many esoteric scools. It is much simpler than that. The real master, who demands our attention and obedience, is the master in our hearts, the DIVINE soul, the inner Christ.
In the first time this master shows his presence through the "silent small voice" of the conscience , spurs us to a higher, selfless life, and warns immediately with a forceful voice, if we deviate from the straight honest path. Later she is recognized as the "voice of the silence" , as that abandon , which comes from the "word that has become flesh" ( Logos, Sabda ), which we then are ourselves.
(Extract from A.A.Bailey : From Intellect to Intuition, page 88)


The Kundalini-Power is the force which stands very near to the material plane and to the human body. In the various systems of yoga this force is symbolized as a snake which sleeps in the center of the lowest chakram. It is the final aim of these scools to awaken this force and to transform it at the same time while it rises up to the highest chakram.
Some directions of Kundalini-Yoga try to awaken this snake through direct concentration on the middle of the lowest chakram with support of certain mantrams. But the result is very often an unbalance of this power, because the other chakrams are not enough developed to transform the gained energy. Then this negative power overfloods the yogin who becomes a slave of the lower energies.
Kundalini is a snake, and she is a negative and a very gross force !
First throught the transformnation this energy can be the material of the inner stove for the higher forces.
The traditional path of Kundalini-Yoga is described as the "lower path" , the tree of the recognitoion of good and evil, which is nourished by the transformation of the lower energies.
The "upper path" brings the higher energies down and transforms the lower energies but does not stimulate them ( Tree of life ). Therefore here the chakrams turn around in the opposite direction. (Chakra has the meaning "whirl of energy")

Examples of such scools are Kagyü or the Kriya-Yoga of Yoganada.

Finally there is the pure spiritual path which is not for our negative world but mostly for the life around a true master. Hinduism sees such high spiritual techniques as adequate for the Satya-Yuga.

Many modern Kundalini-Scools do not practise the awakening of the Kundalini but are in reality tantric scools with meditation and prana-exercises.
Gopi Krishna has described in his book how dangerous an uncontrolled awakened Kundalini can become.

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