The Rosicrucian Tradition

"Mea Victoria Crux Rosae"
"I am a lily of the valley and a flower of saron", Cant-2.v.1

In the 16th century spirituality in europe had a revival through the influences of asain travellers and the influences of the masters. Of course these people were supressed through the influences of the church. Therefore secrecy was an important factor for success - still until today. It was the time when the 22 cards of the tarot were painted. In several countries rosicrucian authors published their strange books with symbolic descriptions of the path. The "Einfältig ABC-Büchlein" of the rosicrucians is only one example.
A leading rosicrucian member at that time was Johann Valentin Andreae. He published three major books :

The Confessio fraternitatis [Wiki ]

Fama Fraternitatis [ Wiki ; Weblink2 ]
The Fama describes the 18 steps to enlightenment in a symbolic language.
[Nequaquam vacuum, Legis jugum,Libertas Evangelii, Dei gloria intacta; Ex Deo nascimur, In Jesu morimur, Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimusEx Deo nascimur, In Jesu morimur, Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus]
The chymical wedding - the seven initiations [ Wiki; Weblink2]
The alchemic marriage describes the seven higher initiations inclusive step 22 of the Universal Path. It starts when the "Virgin" visits Christian Rosenkreutz (Christian Rose Cross) in his small house[ Mountain : symbol of aiming high into the divine; house : Symbol of the logos or Shabda]. This Virgin is of course the "Venus"-Phase, and therefore this is the end of step 14(14.5) of the Universal PATH.

The traditional rosicrucian brothership has never been on a magic path but it has always been a spiritual brothership(with relation to the white brothership).

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Secret ymbols of the Rosicrucians

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