Psychology and Spirituality

In the modern societies it has often become difficult to have success on the path. Stress and unnatural life are only one important hinderance. Most modern people have thrown the religious principles away and live only for the fulfillment of their wishes because they have not learned to analyse their wishes. They do not see that they are in reality slaves of their wishes and dreams, and that they have been educated to think that they have won a new freedom through the extended seductive possibilities of consumption.
They feel disturbed if a spiritual seeker does not recognize their material values which are often instilled values of the specific culture, but also turnover guarantees of certain industrial branches.
Modern technics is used to make all this possible and to awaken the desires, and therefore our world has become a plundered planet !
The result is a visibly progressive decline in morality and intolerance is widespread.
Culture and technics have become two different things in many fields of life. But most things of modern culture are just old wine in new bottles. The modern cultural values are just as before power, wealth, success and sex in a variety of modern forms, just those things which are attractive for the small human ego and the vital.

Master Sri Aurobindo said : "This planet is mainly a big place of fulfilment of desires".

Psychology and Spirituality

Modern science is the consequent effort to create logic-causal coherences between the occurences of the environment and to formulate these with numbers and terms. The problem is the limited human psyche and mind, once regarding the perception, but even regarding the logic and the ability of abstraction. Therefore it has become the aim of psychology to explore the human psyche and to control it. (Liter.: Wenzlaff/Feder : Die Wirklichkeit des Geistes(german text)).

Psychology is the scientific answer of materialism on human life and human consiousness , and it arose as a side branch of Philosophy .
Modern Psychology tries to deleiver a purely logical and naturalistic human model, in which the religious tendencies have an irrational function and are "explained" with modern neurologic and psychic models.

From the sight of modern psychology spirituality is just a fancy, not only because relative few people in the non-Asian countries have spiritual experiences.
But the psyche of a psychologist is equally limited as the common human consciousness , so that this scientific yardstick becomes the problem of the generalisation of the scientific observations and their delusions.
Therefore we find "scientific authorities" who lead the various directions and scools of psychology.

Psycholgy has developed several theories about the personality and analyzed the traits. The other problem of a spiritualzed psychology would therefore be that most modern patients would not want to develop an "integral personality" but mostly to get rid of their problems and to have success in life without reflection of the false application of their energies. Therefore has Psychology a problem with Ethics.
Integral psychic health comprises the liberation of the three poisons which can for example be removed by the invocation of the Medicine-Buddha in combination with healthy nourishment and with specific meditations.

It is a part of the first 10 steps of the path to leave behind the anal orientation of the psyche(Pratyahara). Psychology tries in contrary to establish a balance with sexuality und is abused in Meuromarketing to stimulate the consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response.
Therefore have people with spiritual selfrealization a different view of life and different patterns of behaviour than the adapted citizen. They have inner spiritual culture instead of self-centered outer culture, which is an aspect of vitality and of the human ego.

"The spiritual man is one who has discovered his soul. He has found his self and lives in that, is conscious of it, has the joy of it - he needs nothing external for his completeness of existence." (Sri Aurobindo , Life Divine II,27)
"Again, the sign of the divine worker is that which is eternal to the divine consciousnees itself, a perfect inner joy and peace which depends upon nothing in the world for its source or its continuance; it is initiate, it is the very stuff of the soul's consciousness, it is the very nature of the divine being.
The ordinary man depens upon outward things for his happiness; therefore he has desire; therefore he has anger and passion, pleasure and pain, joy and grief; therefore he measures all things in the balance of good fortune and evil fortune; none of these things can effect thew divine soul.
(Sri Aurobindo : Essays on the Gita, Page 175)

Many psychologists try to supress people on the path as schizophrenic , often because of their false understanding of the higher spiritual EGO. In some countries psychology has lost a part of their influence, but very often first judicially, buit it is coming back with the growing influence of naturalism.
Psychology can become a kind of modern inquisition, if in the false hands, and in modern societies it has often reached this position. To be "social" means to be like the others (in psychological terms) - and not to help or support each other. (In the USA the word social can have the meaning of communism).
If You think very different or live very different than the majority of people then you are probably sick or psychotic - or at least neurotic !

Modern medicine uses Psychology and Psychiatry more and more as a terminus for the difficulty to find illnesses and infections, with the unproven argument argument of psychiatry that 75% of the diseases have a psychic background.

A Hint This can end like that : 'The doctor comes to a patient with a broken leg and says to him : The leg heals very good but thats not sufficient. You have to go to a psychologist who frees You from Your anxieties so that You break the next time both legs.'

For the small children is of course somebody else responsible.

Furthermore are many fellow citizen under the suspicion of oral, anal and egoic traumatic childhood-damages, the honoured reader of these lines of course not, the author of this text less and less, but...

Meditation is for them just self-hypnosis (like NLP) with illusions, and psychology has various models of man, which are all just approaches or models. They cannot lead the patients out of the dark Maya-Cave of Materialism and can only deleiver a theory of the lower human self.

The scool of C.G. Jung is a bit different but he sees his non spiritual "archetypes" as a kind of psychic symbolism.

The Sabda(Nada) is from the sight of psychology at the most a kind of Tinnitus.

"... Modern psychological experiment and observation have proceeded on two different lines which have not yet found their point of meeting. On the one hand psychology has taken for its starting-point the discoveries and the fundamental thesis of the physical sciences and has worked as a continuation of physiology. The physical sciences are the study of inconscient Force working in inconscient Matter and a psychology which accepts this formula as the basis of all existence must regard conscious- ness as a phenomenal result of the Inconscient working on the inconscient. Mind is only an outcome and as it were a record of nervous reactions. The true self is the inconscient; mental action is one of its subordinate phenomena. The Inconscient is greater than the conscient; it is the god, the magician, the creator whose action is far more unerring than the ambitious but blundering action of the conscious mentality. The tree is more perfectly guided than man in its more limited action, precisely because it lives unambitiously according to Nature and is passive in the hands of the Inconscient. Mind enters in to enlarge the ?eld of activity, but also to multiply errors, perversities, revolts against Nature, departures from the instinctive guiding of the Inconscient Self which generate that vast element of ignorance, falsehood and suffering in human life, — that “much falsehood in us” of which the Vedic poet complains.
Where then lies the hope that mind will repair its errors and guide itself according to the truth of things? The hope lies in Science, in the intelligent observation, utilising, initiation of the forces and workings of the Inconscient. To take only one instance, — the Inconscient operates by the law of heredity and, left to itself, works faultlessly to ensure the survival of good and healthy types. Man misuses heredity in the false conditions of his social life to transmit and perpetuate degeneracy. We must study the law of heredity, develop a science of Eugenics and use it wisely and remorselessly — with the remorseless wisdom of Nature — so as to ensure by intelligence the result that the Inconscient assures by instinctive adaptation. We can see where this idea and this spirit will lead us, — to the replacement of the emotional and spiritual idealism which the human mind has developed by a cold sane materialistic idealism and to an amelioration of mankind attempted by the rigorous mechanism of the scienti?c expert, no longer by the profound inspiration of genius and the supple aspiration of puissant character and personality. And yet what if this were only another error of the conscient mind? What if the mistaking and the disease, the revolt and departure from Nature were itself a part, a necessary part of the wise and unerring plan of the profound Inconscient Self and all the much falsehood a means of arriving at a greater truth and a more exalted capacity?",(Sri Aurobindo : The supramental manifestation, Page 191)

Naturalistic alternative religion

These scientific thinking people are Of course absolutely convinced of their plausible models (they live from their Job!). If You argue with them then that maybe a hint that you are psychotic. They can explain everything without a real proof in the individual cases, their proof is the plausibility , and especially the Neurologists cant beleive that the "spirit" has a feedback on the body.

Since several years psychology shows interest in meditation and similar techniques. Chemical treatments(which belong to the neurologic section) have proved to have negative effects on the nervous system (Valium etc.) and the results of the therapies are very often disappointing.
The methods of autosuggestion, NLP, hypnosis and autogenic training have shown limited results. Therefore it has been tried to use the methods of meditation for treatment.

The electrical alpha-waves and Gamma-Waves during meditation and relaxation and the chemical changes in the human body caused by these methods were measured, which in fact exist and which have already been published before (St.Palos : Breath and meditation ; E.Taylor-M.Murphy-St.Donovan: The physical and psychological Effects of meditation). But the chemical changes and waves cannot simply be used to reach higher states of consciesness through injection of those chemicals. They are just a side effect.
At the moment is the vipassana meditation in the focus of neurology.

Further all this does not mean that psychology accepts the religious systems around these methods. It is just the attempt use these methods as a means of treatment of patients , and to deleiver a modern description and to strip of the rest of the systems.
If it would be possible to bring down the spiritual energies as a means of treatment just to heal people who are completely against spirituality then this would be a modern branch of the black path.
The "Transcendental meditation"- movement is an example for such an attempt of abusing spiritual energies for daily success and illusionary forces, and this movement publishes chemical and electrical measurements (though probably many of them are just self produced and false).

People on the spiritual path have a different view of life than the average man :
"The spiritual man has detected his soul. He is conscious of that and he enjoys of that. He has found his true self und he lives within this self. He needs no outer things for the fullness of his existence",(Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,27)

Spiritual aberrations

Many people and some Yogins (in Nepal etc.) take drugs to have "spiritual" experiences : The real soul is undeveloped and cant develop, and drugs offer a way out of the common life, a bit similar to alcohol !
But drugs are not a kind of spiritual experience. Some drugs open a small door to the negative worlds with the price of destruction of the body.
Also "spiritual" Sex (abused in "left tantra" or similar techniques) is a method to sink into the unconscious and negative forces ! The lowest point in the taoistic "Small cycle" is named "gate of death". Such methodes are only for developed people of the first initiation (if at all), but these negative forces are transformed then and not stimulated! Sexuality as promoted in modern psychiatry is a door for the forces which try to hinder the Confinement of light.
Modern psychology has opened the door to these primitive forces, and people have now no inhibition to live with their vitality. Sex-education in the sense of reconaissance maybe useful but serves today as a means of living with selfish desires in a clean modern way.

Social integration

The other main problem is that psychology has won a big influence on the leading people, and in the United States many of these leading people visit their "soul doctor" regularly. So they stand under the influence of these "scientific" trainees who are visited to guarantee their success in daily life.

A big theme of Psychologie is the human interaction, for which there are no universal rules likeas introspection developed , but instead concepts of social competence and social integration. The modern TEAM-Model, which becomes in an intellectual steered system very quickly a skillful role play as a modern basis of the working groups is also an achievement which has nothing common with charity but in practice more with egalitarianism, conformity, intolerance and herd instinct - instead of socializing or universal group consciousness - which should to be confused with modern globalization.
It has its old basis in the animal-kingdom where the bull leads his herd and controls it completely, a group which follows the herd-impulse. Animals who are different or do not surrender have no chance in the animal kingdom or have to leave the herd.
The characteristics of a human society is instead the sociability.
The other problem is that animals have neither a developed mental body nor a mental intellect or a mental ego, and therefore they cannot generally be compared with human society.

Such a psychological developement is a danger for freedom and democracy (as far as both really exist). It supresses the individual personal developement and so supresses spiritual developement too. Nowadays this naturalistic science spreads all over the world - especially in the management of firms. The american society is a good example for a modern and unsocial society where success counts.

"It is false to demand that the individual has to surrender to the community or to melt with it. A community can only develop through the most progressive individuals, and those individuals can only make progress if they are really free. But it is true the the individual finds his unity with the community and with the universe the more it is spiritually progressed", ( Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,28)

"In the gnostic or divine being, in the gnostic life, there will be a close and complete consciousness of the self of the others, a consciousness of their mind, life, physical being which are felt as if they were one's own. The gnostic being will act, not out of a surface of love and sympathy or any similar feeling, but out of this close mutual consciousness, this intimate oneness",( Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,28)


Psychology and psychiatry trie to explain the psychic problems from an intellectual standpoint, and therefore they have developed very complex systems of explainations. From the esoteric standpoint should a psychoanalys with the revival of old incidents of the past of the individual patient (by remembrance) be avoided. Very often it leads to a long crisis of the patient.
Introspection combined with inner exercises brings higher and better and deeper results, but the aspiration must be very different and continuous. The patient should be taught to live to live "here and today and always conscious".

Modern pyschology teaches people that they should love themselves, but the simple self-love is one of the roots of the black path. It is taught to establish the small untamed personal ego. It is better to see the transitoriness of feelings and to win distance.

"The gnostic beeing starting from this new basis takes up our ignorant becoming and turns it into a luminous becoming of knowledge and a realised power of being."
"As mind seeks for light, for the discovery of knowledge and for mastery by knowledge, so life seeks for the developement of its own force and for mastery by force; its quest is for growth, power, conquest, posession, satisfaction, creation, joy, love, beauty; its joy of existence is in a constant self-expression, developement, diverse manifoldness of action, creation, enjoyment, an abundant and strong intensity of itself and its power. The gnostic evolution will lift that to its highest and fullest expression, but it will not act for the power, satisfaction, enjoyment of the mental or vital ego, for its narrow posession of itself and its eager ambitious grasp on others and on things for its greater self-affirmation and magnified embodiement." (Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,27)

Therefore is psychology a science with models of the small human ego and the forces which are consciously and unconsciously controlled through the ego and control the ego because they are its substance which is the lower self. But psychology has only terms for the description of the unconscious forces and does not know them. It does not anticipate of the abysses of human consciousness . In contradiction is the aim of spirituality the complete spiritual transformation of body, soul and mind.

Finally a quotation of master Sri Aurobindo who said: "Psychology is only the exorbitant generalization of some small truthes."
To know these small truthes of psychology can of course somtimes be quite useful together with introspection if put into a proper order, just like any special knowledge can sometimes be useful. (Lit.: Ch. N. Norbu : Buddhism and Psychology, Shang Shung Edition; Hazrat Inayat Khan : Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology)

"An evolution of gnostic consciousness brings with it a transformation of our world-consciousness and world-action : for it takes up into the new power of awareness not only the inner existence but our outer being and our world-beeing."(Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,27)

"For the law of the body arises from the subconsient or inconscient; but in the gnostic being the subconscient will have become conscious and subject to the supramental control, penetrated with its light and action; the basis of inconscience with its obscurity and ambiguity, its obstruction or tardy respones, will have been transformed into a lower or supporting superconscience by the supramental emergence", (Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine II,27)

At the latest on step 18 of the Universal Path the Adept has transformed the unconscious energies of his material body so far that he needs no more sleep, instead only two hours of rest of the body - as a forrunner of coming extensive changes.

"In our soul exists a thirst for perfection; but not for this human perfection, which is a perfection of the EGO and which blocks the path of the divine perfection, but it is that kind of perfection, which has the power to reveal eternal truthes on earth." (The Mother, Aurobindo)