" Deep thoughts " !

But i have deeper questions : If there is a final universal GOD then he must have some kind of substance . How came this substance into existence and why is there not nothing at all ? Would not the existence of NOTHING AT ALL be normal?
I feel that " I AM" but who can understand this jump out of the final nothing that is behind creation .
Is it just the limitidness of human mind to understand this or are we caught in a specific kind of thinking in dimensions, time and reactions ?

  • Freedom ? It is a fact that the final DIVINE as a world-creator is allmighty and allknowing . But how can there be freedom if god is allmighty . Then he would not be allmighty at the point when man makes FREE independent decisions .
  • If god is all-knowing then he sees things as they will be in future . If man would have freedom and free will then future would be undetermined and god could not see the future - so he would not be allknowing .
  • God lends everything and would be responsible for everyting ( if there were a judge ). Then "Inch Allah" and "No bird falls from the roof without gods will" and some sentences about the determination by the Shabda in the Jap Ji of the Siks would be understandable .

  • But ... if gods acting determines things and he can see the future then the question is : What makes HIM act that things happen exactly as he sees them ? He must exactly act the way that future happens as he sees it . So - is " God " lent by a higher instance and how does that instance function ?

    In the christian past this theme has be handled in a very simple and clear way. St. Paul writes about this in the bible in Romans 8.9.