The universal doctrine
The step way of spiritual enlightenment

Everywhere in the universe takes a hidden evolution place in the various planes of creation. Modern man is only a day-fly in comparison with the existence of the universe and he oversees how unimportant he actually is. The majority of mankind goes through a process of the development of the mind which is one of the main differences to the animal-kingdom which has no developed mental EGO. But only a very small part of mankind is enough developed to see the soul and the spirit consciously.

There are two main lines of evolution: The one line has to do with the matter and the form. Here the soul identifies for a long time with the aspect of the form and stives to follow the dark path of death and of Naturalism.
The second line has to do with the soul, the aspect of consciousness and the thinker in the form.

  1. Mysteries
  2. The cycles of the human development
  3. 22 Stufen
  4. Ashtanga Yoga
  5. Egypt
  6. Cabbala
  7. Bible
  8. Taoism
  9. Maya- culture
  10. Greece Mysteries
  11. Christ
  12. Buddhism
  13. Zen
  14. Islam
  15. Hinduism(Sanatan Dharma)
  16. Rosicrucianism
  17. White Brothership
  18. North european mysteries
  19. Alchemy (Opus magnum)
  20. Cosmic initiations
  21. The Path and the Dharma

The Universal Path - The stepped path to enlightenment

Sri Aurobindo as a modern spiritual philosopher stated :
"... The whole trouble of this incertitude arises from the fact that we do not look straight at the whole truth of the world as it is and draw from it the right conclusion as to what the world must be and cannot fail to be. This world is, no doubt, based ostensibly upon Matter, but its summit is Spirit and the ascent towards Spirit must be the aim and justification of its existence and the pointer to its meaning and purpose. But the natural conclusion to be drawn from the supremacy and summit existence of Spirit is clouded by a false or imperfect idea of spirituality which has been constructed by intellect in its ignorance and even by its too hasty and one-sided grasp at knowledge.
The Spirit has been thought of not as something all-pervading and the secret essence of our being, but as something only looking down on us from the heights and drawing us only towards the heights and away from the rest of existence. So we get the idea of our cosmic and individual being as a great illusion, and departure from it and extinction in our consciousness of both individual and cosmos as the only hope, the sole release. Or we build up the idea of the earth as a world of ignorance, suffering and trial and our only future an escape into heavens beyond; there is no divine prospect for us here, no fulfilment possible even with the utmost evolution on earth in the body, no victorious transformation, no supreme object to be worked out in terrestrial existence.
But if supermind exists, if it descends, if it becomes the ruling principle, all that seems impossible to mind becomes not only possible but inevitable. If we look closely, we shall see that there is a straining of mind and life on their heights toward their own perfection, towards some divine fulfilment, towards their own absolute. That and not only something beyond and elsewhere is the true sign, the meaning of this constant evolution and the labour of continual birth and rebirth and the spiral ascent of Nature... (Sri Aurobindo, The Supramental Manifestation , pg.63 )



Enlightenment and mastership have already been reached by many people in the past who often left back parts of their experiences and knowledge. Sometimes have these techniques been written down in a special symbolic language. Often they were only transferred verbally or in a Twilight Language like in the alchemy and the Tantras, very often as characters and persons in the scriptures of the world-religions.

For example we find in "Dhammapada 294" sentences like "a brahmin lives first perfect after he has slain father and mother" - with the inner meaning that he has slain in himself selfishness and thirst for life - ie. the drives for preservation of the race and self-preservation.
These inner teachings were completely unknown to the outer religions. But there are so many known techniqes of meditation and circulation and vibration of energy and other methods which will be more understandable through the Universal Path.
To go on the path(A. A. Bailey : Yoga-Sutras of Pantanjali) of the spiritual soul means conscious developement and faster development with many turning points and uncertaintys because of karma and personal Dharma.
All spiritual doctrines have unconsciously this Universal Doctrine as their basis, which was and is the secret key to the Arcans. It describes the process of individual and cosmic evolution within the higher worlds. Momentarily only a few spiritual schools teach these 22 steps of initiation.


The cycles of the human development

The Universal Doctrine describes the step way of the human development, which first goes through three large involutionary stages of the nature evolution:

1. The very primitive nature-man
This lowest step is the unconscious adaption of that kind of man who is mainly an animal without real intelligence. Primitive wild people belong into this categorie and many simple farmers who do primitive work on the fields und have not received a modern education. The man of this stadium is completely directed by his instincts and not much better at than an animal.

2. The human being begins to develop his feelings and the natural mind.
A big part of mankind stands first at the treshold to the next step. This next step of unconscious adaption is that kind of man who begins to show a small glimmer of understanding by his own thoughts. This still happens partly instinctiv und is based on growing selfishness. A simple and primitive selfcentered consciousness rather than an instinctiv group-consciousness can be found here.
We find this growing self-feeling (for example) in primitive people in the slums of towns(with their lack of education and culture) and also in the small criminal man who has enough instincts to keep himself alive by his small criminal deeds und his manual skilfulness. This is the stadium of animal-slyness.
3. The mass-man of our modern world with his mind and mental "Ego".
On these steps follows the conscious and completely egoistic adaption of the individual person to the individual ambience. In these cases man is conscious of his motivations. He plays it through and tries to get the best out of it, and he tries to live in harmonie with the world. This is certainly a good motivation but in principle this man is so much governed by his wishes for pleasure and comfort that he plays the good fellow to be able to exist and to live together with everybody,
The man of this stage stands completely under the control of the dark samsara of the Maya(-ethers).


22 Stufen

On the three involutionary steps follow 22 steps to the gate of the "cosmic initiation".
These 22 steps have four main sections:

Beginner (1-9), trialpath (10-14), path (15-19), steps of divine mastership (20-22).

The representation of the 22 steps was very different in the various spiritual scools. Various personalities represent parts of the human higher bodies (Jiva, the individual self; the white horse as a symbol for spiritual love, the white swan represents the universal atmic light, the red rose is symbol of divine love etc.).
Sometimes such books were encrypted or written backwords or hidden under a vulgar language.

These 22 steps are characterized by periodic cycles of the 7 rays or 4 higher "elements" or "universal principles" (the four animals at the throne of God), whereby the higher human bodies develop. Many atheistic seekers speak of a highest power, but this power is also highest COonsciousness and therefore an universal over-cosmic DIVINITY with a consciousness that is harly understandable for the masters!


The best known multistage system of spiritual development is the system of

Ashtanga Yoga (or RAJA YOGA)

which divides the process into eight  >> double - steps and therefore it knows only 16 steps of the 22 steps But this system knows several further samadhis (Samadhi-pada : 1. Laya Samadhi; 2. Savikalpa Samadhi; 3. Nirvikalpa Samadhi ; 4. Sahaja Samadhi). Nirvikalpa-Samadhi is already the true final enlightenment with the Cosmic Consciousness (U.P. 18/19).



The 22 Steps of initiation were well known to the ancient  further Egypt priests and later to the initiated priests in Israel. The Cheops-Pyramid was built as a temple for initiation and is a symbol of the two pathes. It has been guessed that the 22 Tarotcards come from Egypt but is has been genetically proved in the meantime that the origin of the gipsy is in India.



Features of the modern Kabbalah are the kabbalistic tree with the 10 Sephiroth, the EN-SOPH-AUR, the there overcoming boundless light, and the En-Soph, with which an adept cannot unite, and books as the "Sepher Jezirah", which speaks about "Jah Jahve Sebaoth", the ONE almighty, merciful and gracious God and creator.
These 22 steps have therefore not been selected arbitrarily, but rather they have their counterparts in the 22 letters of the old hebrew alphabet as also in the "Sepher Jezirah" described, which also teaches a part of the mantramistic Quabbalah.
The 22 Tarotcards, the small Arcans, which have references to these letters, are however already a mapping of the process of the 22 universal steps on a spiritual system.

Comparable 10 successive steps are the 10 Sephiroth. "The appearance of the 10 Sephiroth is like a flash without end", says says the Sepher Jezirah. On step of 16 the universal doctrine (see the accompanying Tarotcard 16), this divine power receives the leadership of the process: God Extasy, like the Ishvara Samadhi of the Raja - Yoga. In the end the Kabbalist realizes all Sephiroth in himself and becomes a personification of "Adam Kadmon".



The old testament is a collection of scrolls, which were protected by the priests. After the Genesis, the Exodus is the best known book of the Bible, and even Rudolf Steiner wrote in "Christianity as a mystical fact" that here the exodus of the soul out of the matter is described,  further further...



Taoism teaches about Wu-wei ("without action"). But Taoism has  further more to offer.



The ruins of the Maya cities in south america and their pyramids leave a doubtful impression because of the Venus starwars and blood sacrifices. But even here exist reliefs in the pyramids temples in Palenque as parts of the magic shaman path :
"The original father creates two sons who become very strong (U.P. step 12). After this must the "original father" go down to the underworld (which is the kingdom of the jaguar - who remembers to the taoistic tiger) to pass several examinations(of step 13). But because of the strength of his two sons he passes all examinations. After all that he is reborn(step 14 : Rebirth).
A similar story with actions in the underworld stands in the Popul Vuh where the two sons end as sun and moon.( Hunahpu ).
Their birth after a misconduct of 'HunHunahpu and Xquic' is reminiscent of 'Adam and Eve' and 'Cain and Abel'. The later passage of the twins 'Hunahpu and Xbalanque' through the underworld and the outwitting and killing of the rulers can be interpreted as stage 13 and 14 of the Universal Doctrine. The combustion and resurgence correspond with the last two phases of step 14. The magic path branches then into a broad development which ends in a displacement of the ruler of the underworld by the twins.
But it should not be forgotten that the Shamanism in south-america ( with the four animals and the all - force etc. ) is a teaching of the magic path which is limited to step 14. The old teachings have been lost. Some ancient and some modern shamans cooperated with astral ghosts. The Shamanism has many practices which rembember to practices of taoism working with CHI and the forces of nature.


GREECE Mysteries

Ancient philosophy is symbolized by the owl of the goddess Athena . Greece is often looked at as the cradle of european philosophy. Terms like the Absolute and the Logos come from greece philosophy.
The deeds of Herakles and the travel to Troya (step 13 and 14) are themes of the ancient greece "religion" and philosophy. Plato teaches in his allegory of a cave" (which is in reality the dark Maya-Cave) that people live like in a big cavern and think that the shadows are the reality and that they should be pushed to the sun outside the cavern.
Even the scool of Pythagoras had besides vegetarism a beleif in the rebirth of the soul.

Modern philosophy with its mentally outsets and speculations is often more a big maze with unproductive mental discussions, which cannot solve from the limited truths of the lower planes and the small person. The true spiritual truth is a truth of being and of spiritual consciousness(atma-jnana).

The mysteries were kept secret and later handed down to Italy. Emperor Augustus exiled the roman poet Ovid because he had spoken to open in his poems about these mysteries : "Amor" has in several poems the role of the "Cupido" of the sixth tarotcard, ie. the lead-arrow (phase of Saturnus) and after that the transformation into a laurel-crown at the strean in the Hades in the underworld"(End of step 13, 3 phases; then step 14).
Another name for Heracles was Hercules . A. A. Bailey has written about the deeds of Hercules.
Sri Aurobindo has written in his book "Heraklit" about the problems of european mental thinking.



Besides the apostle letters, Christianity is based on the four gospels and the Apocalypse of John, whose 22 visionary chapters correspond exactly to the 22 steps of the Universal Doctrine. The four gospels begin however first on higher steps,  >> further...



Buddhism was founded by Buddha Gautama, who was the fourth Buddha of a tradition of 1000 Buddhas. He taught his disciples to use their intuitive mind,>> further...



In the "ZEN in the art of archery"(only as an example) the bowman takes aim in kontemplativ mood with the crooked hazelnut arrow and encounters nevertheless. IT shoots and becomes one with the aim, i.e. in the case of the advanced student.
But the famous Satori of the japanese ZEN- Buddhism is not a higher Samadhi, and also the well known 'middle' of the Zen is not is the higher spiritual self!



Modern Islam appears to be a system of rules based on the Qu´ran and its interpretations. But even Islam had secret systems of Initiation,  further ...more...


HINDUISM (Sanatan Dharma)

There are 5 main traditional parts of the path to enlightenment
1. Beginner (worker, Schudra) Tarot 1-9
2. Trialpath (dealer) Tarot 10-14
3. The PATH (Warrior, Kschatriya) Tarot 15,16
4. Priest (Brahmin, true self-realized IMAM of Islam ) Tarot 17
5. Bodhisattwa, Enlightenment, then mastership etc.

In india this very old spiritual system of Shankara has become a solidified social system of privileges and without inner substance. (next...more...)



The rosicrucian  further movement of the middle ages was known to be haunted by the church and the governments just like the french Katharer-movement. The "Ich bin" - Meditation of the german Rosicrucians of the middle-ages is widely known. Their book "Fama Fraternitatis", which is a secret symbolic description of the steps 1 to 18: On step 6 C.R. meets his teacher "P.A.L.". On step 10 C.R.C awakens and begins to "spin the wheel" until he reaches the first initiation. The Fama ends with the vision of the FATHER C.R.C., the Paramatma, - the enlightenment. Other books of Valentin Andrea are the seven days or initiations of "The Chymical Wedding" and the "Confessio Fraternitatis". R. Steiner classified these books as the western path of initiation.


WHITE Brothership

The 7 Initiations of White Brothership of A. A. Bailey (A.A. Bailey : INITIATION HUMAN AND SOLAR) first begin on step 14 of the 22 steps. These seven initiations were well known to the ancient rosicrucian movement.



In old north-european mystics the 18 RUNEs of the new "futhark" of Karl Spiesberger symbolized the first 18 steps of the 22 steps ! The other runes are used for other purposes.
The old germanic Nibelung - Saga describes 18 steps(Krimhild).
In the norse mythology the hero Sigurd killes the dragon ( Fafnir/Regin) with his sword Gram and rides his horse Grani , a descendant of Odins Sleipnir.
One important ancient european mystic place were the Extern-Stones , where a small (Initiation-)coffin is found.


Alchemy (Opus Magnum)

Finally an old theme : The transmutation of man , the spiritual alchemy (not the transmutation of lead into gold), which goes exactly through 18 steps of the Universal Path :

Preparation 9. Materia Prima 10. Calcination 11. Sublimation
12. Solution 13. Putrefaction 14. Destillation 15. Coagulation
16. Tinctura 17. Multiplication 18. Projection

The 3 fundamental principles "SAL, Sulphur and Mercurius" can be compared with the three hinduist "Gunas" (Tamas, Rajas, Sattwa) and with the three "Doshas" of Ayurveda ( Vata, Pitta and Kapha ), which describe the qualities of Maya and therefore indirect our material world. The origin of this alchemical knowledge was in the asian countries. The knowledge of the initiates about true Alchemy and Spagyrics was much deeper than modern Ayurveda : "Opus Magnum" - the big work that makes You perfect.

But the various old books of these traditions have been written so deeply and so symbolic that they are misunderstandable and deliberate misleading. ( "Joh. Helmond, Alchemy unveiled" can give an impression; O. Wirth : Lehrbrief zur hermetischen Alchemie - is an old competent introduction)

So it becomes clear that behind all evolution a process of Transmutation and later of Transfiguration stands, and not just another enlightened or a highest philospophical view of things, ...more.



Only few masters are allowed to exceed step 20. The Satguru who has finished step 22 (or the seventh initiation) completes the two final cycles - the 'Chymical wedding' mentiones them as the two missing leaves -
Theoretically follwow now up to seven ncosmic initiations which are not possible because we live on a negative planet without such divine initiators.
Miss Bailey says that the S.S. KUMARA startet his cosmic initiation at the beginning of this century in the PLEYADS. The logos of our sun is on the third cosmic initiation, and the ONE from Sirius is on the fourth cosmic initiation. The final goal of human initiations will be the third cosmic initiation for a very small part of mankind.
Of course there are millions of divine masters on cosmic initiations in this UNIVERSE and in the other universes.
It is not known who the final "Universal GOD" beyond the SAT is, because he must be higher than all cosmic initiations and include all universes. (See on this website under : Spirtual texts, Kashmir - Shivaism ; A. A. Bailey: Telepathy and the etheric vehicle, S. 148)


The path and the Dharma

Can we have success on the path?

"The Karma and that Ishvara (god, adi dharma) does not want the englightenment are the hindrances on the path"

Karma: Karma has its root in the five Kleshas(hindrances) and must come to fruition in this life or in some later life. It is based on the nature-laws of the Prakriti, within mental plane - but it is nevertheless under the control of the divine Dharma.
"Ishvara"s(Sadashiva) will, which depends on still higher worlds, determines the run of the world, and therefore our Karma and the Divine Dharma are an indirect consequence of Ishvaras will.
Above is the Adi-Dharma of the seventh plane which ends in the plan of the misanthropic overcosmic Ones.

True understanding comes from study of the 'Universal Path', of the books and from the practice of this spiritual path of selfrealization.
For the beginner with little intuition it may be advisable to study the Ashtanga Yoga at first.
The Tarotbook of E. Haich (Wisdom of the Tarot) is another but hard to understand reference for true tarot-initiation.

This website coordinates the teachings of the past. Very high tantric techniques of synthesis have been around for centuries. Therefore it does not present a Synthesis (the 22 steps of this Universal Path are a kind of Synthesis of all methods).
Sri Aurobindo has touched the problem of Synthesis in his book "The Synthesis of Yoga", but the true spiritual process first begins on step 15.
This new synthesis is not really necessary because such techniques of Transformation and of spiritual Transfiguration already exist.
The majority of mankind stands on involutionary steps and must therefore first go through a cleaning process to become a "turner of the wheel"(U.Path 10).
In our time a pure spiritual path is only possible in a quiet and clean surrounding. The student who lives in practical life needs techniques which transform the disharmonic energies of modern life and which protect him.

The Universal Path has not been published systematically before like this. Spirituality is not a kind of philosophy (which is for the human mind and is mostly a waist of time), and it has always been written down in symbols to hide it from those people who fight against all spiritual things.

Spirituality has been smiled at as something out of past time or as side branch of philosophy. But Spirituality is not a branch of philosophy but a transformation process, accompanied by a spiritual philosophy.

Some people may further argue that all this is not for our time, but modern MULTIMEDIA and modern mentality is not really modern but mostly only very technical and "logical" and bound to that what is scientiffically capable and attractive for the dark and vital forces in the people.
The slogan of the medieval Rosicrucians (and also in Math. 7.6) was "Do not throw pearls before the pigs or Roses before the donkeys, otherweise they freem You" or „Knowledge-Daring-Willpower-Reticence" because the average fellow man is unreceptive for Spirituality and depends on maintenance drive and the self-preservation drive .

You will have to develop intuition, a firm will, the flame of aspiration and surrender to the inner divine self. The mysteries should be a possession of mankind - but the real step into "Mankind" is the first step of the 22 steps.( For further study : A.A.Bailey : From intellect to intuition )

"Do not let it become a religion", said the MOTHER(Aurobindo). "The religions failed because they were separated. People were told to be religious under exclusion of other religions, and each branch of the knowledge failed because it was exclusive. The new consciousness wants (and it insists on that) : No further separations : One must be able to understand the spiritual extrem, the material extrem, and to find the meeting-point, the point where all this becomes a truthful force."

The Arcans should be property of humanity, whose higher and true development begins first with the step of 1 the 22 steps.

"What i understand under spiritual Transformation is something dynamic. It is an absorption of the spiritual consciousness in every single part of human nature down into the unconscious. This cannot happen through the influence of the self, because it lets the consciousness mostly as it is , even if purged and with an enlightened mind and heart and a becamed vitality. It means to bring down the divine consciousness, static and dynamic into all these parts and the complete replacement of the momentary consciousness through this."(Sri Aurobindo)

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Success on the path

A pure life, a sane and open thinking, a clean heart, an active intellect, undisguised intellectual perception, fraternity against other seekers, the readiness to give and to accept advice and instruction .....willing obedience the commandments of the truth .... courageous bearing of personal injustices, fearless announcing of principles, brave entering for those, that are attacked to wrongly and a permanently watchful eye for the ideals of the human progress and human perfection - as it is described in the secret science - those are the golden stairways on whose steps the learning can rise up to the temple of divine wisdom".
(H. P. Blavatsky)

The "Secret teachings" of Helena P. Blavatsky is still today a well known collection of asiatic teachings and wisdoms.

Franz Bardon defines the Karma-Yoga as "to do good deeds over their sake".

Sri Krishna defines this in the Bhagavad-Gita : "Good deeds done at the wrong place or time are no good deeds":
TEXT 20 "That gift which is given out of duty, at the proper time and place, to a worthy person, and without expectation of return, is considered to be charity in the mode of goodness."
TEXT 22 "And charity performed at an improper place and time and given to unworthy persons without respect and with contempt is charity in the mode of ignorance."
TEXT 23 : " But charity performed with the expectation of some return, or with a desire for fruitive results, or in a grudging mood, is said to be charity in the mode of passion."

So You will need true wisdom in Your decisions.


The 22 steps

With the start of the path of the 22 steps to the first cosmic initiation it is necessary to leave the three involutionary kingdoms of the nature of Maya and the lower self behind - and of course the small human EGO :
1. The unintelligent masses are lead and inspired from their materialistic, psychic and momentary wishes and desires. Most of them are determined and governed by their wishes for posession and luxury, by the longing for "tangible" things, for comfort and economic, social and religious security. The man of this step stands under the influence of the densest form of MAYA.
2. Others let themselves lend by their longing for emotional feeling of well-being and mental stability and the safty that their higher wishes will be fulfilled. All that is MAYA in its emotional (astral) aspects.
3. Mental MAYA means illusions of many sorts.

After the 3 basic involutionary steps the subdivisions become so numerous that it is difficult to distinguish them :
In this mixed society we find pure egoism, often up to the highest potency, a growing understanding for the community, the growing recognition that other people have the same right for hapyness and harmony und the constant strive to adapt the personal character and "way of life" so far that the purely selfish interests do not harm other people.
So we come to the REALLY GOOD avarage-man who endeavours to adapt to his vicinity and his goup-connections and his obligations so far that a touch of real love can be seen. It is here not thought of the kind of love to family, children and relatives that is directed from the instincts. Man has this kind of love common with the animal-kingdom - which often breaks when these next people insist on their rights. The connection is not strong enough and the motives are too selfish to resist to the temptation. Here is more thought of that kind of love that accepts the rights of the others and tries consciously to adapt to these accepted rights but insists tough on den rights of the own personality.

After all this the path of the ASPIRANT begins (from Tarot 10 to 14):
All that is not a purely personal psychic process in society but an inner process of transmutation that finally leads to the transfiguration by the forces of the higher spiritual soul und further things. Aspiration alone is not sufficient : The spiritual forces must come down and transform the person. That is the deeper sense of the many techniques. The "karma" must be sufficient(in indish terminology : "prakriti" must agree) - and "god" must agree to the entering into his kingdom.

( Further : A.A. Bailey : A treatise on the seven rays II, or (automatically translated) in the Internet.)


The Germanic runes

The age old runes became in Germany for a time inglorious well known through the Nazis.
There is a multitude of runes in the rune alphabet. Only the Alphabeth with 18 signs published by the german Mr. Karl Spiessberger represents the first 18 steps of the path somewhat correctly in the sense of inaugural steps.

The set of runes was interpreted exactly like the Tarotcards. A rune - Mantra is assigned next to the graphic symbol respectively (in addition under Tarot on this web page).

The old Germanic initiates have hidden their esoteric knowledge in the Edda (in addition once later).
I see covers a hall more brightly than the sun, with gold on Gimils heights. There the multitudes of the faithfuls should live and should enjoy perpetual bliss.