Modern science and the universe

"But do never proclaim this word to him who does not repent, nor honor me,nor listen to me, who mutters against me again and again", Bhagavad Gita 18

Modern science has refuted most of the ancient myths and religious cosmologys and cosmogonys of the creation of the world, which established the basic order of the human cultures. Only in Hinduism and in Taoism exist hints on a cosmic order within a spiritual context.

Modern astronomy shows us the model of a universe with a diameter of more than 25 billion lightyears(1 lightyear = 10^13 km) and with the form of a flat ball (infrared background measurement). Until today astronomy knows over 1 000 000 000 galaxys or similar objects. In our galaxy exist over 1 000 000 000 suns ....

Several mathematicians said that it is statistically unprobable that there is life in other parts of the universe (because of the specific conditions that life needs to exist) - but they forget that we are not probable then either.
Other scientists speak of 20000 solar systems, for which a probability exists, that organic life exists - and many exoplanets have already been found. UFO-NOTICE:

Modern science teaches a naturalistic philosophy and has developed a philosophy of science.
But the scientists do not know what is behind creation, or whether there is something behind all existence - and of whom and how the energy has been created. Even the " Relativitätstheorie" of Albert Einstein is only one modern and still incomplete model.
The common explanation with the "first bang" would mean that we came out of an oscillating NOTHING - but that is not logical either. Modern theories of an oscillating universe stand in contradiction to the hinduistic model of periodic yugas and kalpas where the material worlds exist only very short in comparison to the spiritual worlds.

Modern physics has now new mathematical models like String Theory and Superstringtheorie and Quantum mechanics which use more than 3 dimensions(a maximum of 10even dimensions) and can even explain gravity with that.
(Hinduism teaches similarly that the world hangs on the threads of KARMA, but on a higher plane.)

Modern natural science is now doe to progress in chemistry able to analyze man down to the genetic level and sees him as a highly evolved genetic pattern which needs a society to ensure his evolution which is not possible in the nature but only within a culture and the education and the safety of a society.
The modern human beeings can so be seen as a purely biological product which is now able to analyse itself with his reason and manipulate itself and has inspite of modern enlightenment problems to find the right ethic rules while it tries to leave the rules of nature behind.

But are we really so modern and progressive ?

Modern scientists have found many laws of the material plane and were able to use them for a better life, and scientists and technicians have developed unknown technologies - but the majority of mankind lives in concurrence with each other.

Mankind has developed its mind but not the soul - which does not exist for science - and which is dying und mostly already has died and exists as a gray shadow .

Until some centuries ago western religions beleived that our earth is flat - until Galilei came - as an heretic.

The western exoteric religions beleived that the earth is flat, but in asia this was different, because the world views were created by enlightened masters and Sadgurus:
In trantric hinduism we find drawings of Lord Krishna who fills out the Universe and is much bigger than the universe on a higher plane of creation, as well as drawings of the spiritual "cosmic man".

There are descriptions of stars which circle within 100000s of years around higher systems of stars. In the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Book3) stand detailed descriptions of the time-cycles of the universe inclusive of the higher worlds (Further under "Kashmir Shivaism" on this website )

In Buddhism exists the teaching of " Microcosm and Macrocosm".
In Zen-Meditation "Sartori" means to see the smallest things(the "Anu" - which is not the neutron or the quarks but much higher), and true enlightenment means to see and be ONE with the Universe. True divine masters can even see much further than that.
In Kashmir-Shaivism the world is built up with shells.

Several hinduist masters spoke of millions of universes(Brahmandas) and told us about higher worlds as the background of our physical existence.

The majority of the eastern cosmologies had been developed by enlightened persons or even by true masters who had the knowledge from personal experience of from the divine hierarchies.

The eastern religions see man as a carrier of his soul who is bound to his Karma and his Dharma - his destination. They developed methods to develop the spiritual soul and to liberate it from the influences of the lower planes of creation(Moksha).
The comparable hermetic teachings in the old western cultures have been kept secret because of the influence of the christian churches. Most modern people in the west laugh about these teachings because their soul is nearly dead and they are slaves of their body and their wishes and dreams which they want to fulfill and they look at these spiritual teachings as a superstition from ancient times. Success counts for them, their souls have styled primitive wishes and visions.
In many regions of asia is the religion slowly dying because of western influences and because people dont understand their own religions which have not been able to make themself understandable to realizing reason. They were and are blinded by the possibilities of modern science.

There are new christian movements and oriental and asiatic religious movements with millions of people. But these movements are mostly meetings of people who flee into religion as a safe place in a too modern and intolerant world.
Therefore these movements consist mostly of simple people who do not really change the spiritual climate of our planet. Real religions would lead people on the path to be at least a "spinner of the wheel", but the majority of mankind is sunk in their bodies and does therefore not want a spiritual developement.

A further disadvantage of these movements is the modern interpretation of the scriptures of their founders, which were either written for their specific time and culture or were symbolic stories of the path.
Many movements have their basis in the interpretations of the successors of the founder. Therefore give these religions a separatistic feeling of the rebirth of the specific religion, which is catastrophical for the global understanding of religion, and which indirectly directs global life into an atheistic direction because the contents are very infra-rational.
A modern religion must wisely integrate the scientific progress but not admix that with a psychology of religion.
On the other hand this is only a theoretical lost chance for spirituality because the masses are not enough developed for a spiritual religion, and the step would be too big for the majority of mankind.

Holy science

If i speak about science in this chapter, then i think of a universal " Holy science" which includes the higher worlds and transcends our material world as the lowest plane like in Kashmir-Shaivism.
The modern science uses concepts, models and mathematics and nowadays widens and deepens the knowledge on such a broad horizontal front, that life seems to be a combination and interaction of certain fundamental formulas, even if it steps down to such fundamental things like the "tree quarks" als elementary particles.
Modern science must stay on the material surface of creation and it becomes very often the servant of the things which it created. Modern science cannot reach the astral planes or the mental planes , despite of the transcendental planes and the spiritual planes. It can only describe single laws and it cannot describe the gnostic infinite planes with their unusual laws and characteristics.
The "Holy science" acknowledges the laws of the material plane(Prithivi anda) which come from the limitedhood of the underlying material energy which is still unknown in physics. Our world is just a final state of the dull "Maya" which vibrates under the influence of the Atman.
If the kabbalistic "Sepher Yetzirah" speaks about "Counter, number, counted" then this origin of the numbers is already on a divine plane. Therefore the astral plane could be a similar world with its own planets and its specific science and characteristic laws.

The details of the "Holy Science" must stay a secret science of the higher initiates, and therefore it is only the description of the process of Evolution, of Transformation and of Transfiguration, because these things should not be a toy in the false hands, a problem that always exists because of the polarity of creation.
It is not important whether these forces are viewed at as good and evil, as light and darkness, or as destructive and creative forces. Our momentary material world obeys the laws of unconsciousness, and on our dark planet the higher consciousness is always in danger to be drawn down to by these involutionary forces. This is the main reason for the spreading decandency which likes these hidden vital forces as a fundamental part of the momentary human nature.
It must be emphasized in this context that even the forces of the lower spiritual planes follow certain mathematical laws, and the laws of physics are only the consequence of the laws of these planes. Our world is the final result of the " Atman" which made the Maya-Ethers vibrate in time(the wheel of time - Kalachakra).
Therefore it cannot be the aim of a "holy science" to find these mathematical formulas and to publish them to the undeserving ignorance. It is therefore neither limited on religious studies or on facile Universalism.
Even if a very high master should be able to understand these laws he would never publish this because it is a divine secret of his initiation. It is the purpose of a "Holy science" to show which forces are necessary to go the path and to show what has to be transformed to reach the next step of the 22 steps, either with the model of the seven "rays" or with the " four elements or with the direct synthetic spiritual energy : The description of the spiritual worlds and of the divine regions must therefore be very gross.

The "Holy science" is based on "Holy scientists" who are busy with their work on the path to develop the gnostic person. They have left behind the small human ego, which is a servant and a controller of the lower worlds. Their EGO has its roots in the spiritual soul(atma-jnana). It is a science which makes spiritual experiences understandable through the transferred knowledge.
The cosmic world views in Hinduism and in Buddhism and the knowledge about the many planes and about the many successful techniques come from the selfrealization of single outriders and masters.
Finally it should not be forgotten, that even behind the highest divine worlds stands a highest synthetic hidden consciousness, under whose control everything unconsciously works and functions.

Hinduism knows a similar model : Every plane has a kind of Akasha-point which connects to the next plane. (-> see the drawing in the small book of Sri Yuktesvar Giri: The Holy Science):
In the primary point of the material planes(the "Bindu", die "Bereschit" of the bibel) MAYA (Akasha,Energy) and Kalaa-Kanchuka meet and create the ANU, die first whirl in Maya, the first particle of the material worlds - together with time and the dimensions of space, and the primary stream of material energy (Pranava, Amon).
The structur of the Kanchukas and the whole higher physics is so complicated that first a very different spiritual progressed mankind will understand a bit of that in some thousand years und use it technically then (and will erase itself some thousand years later with this knowledge).

Jesus said : If You could have a beleive like a mustard-corn then You would be able to move mountains. (The Energie in the ANU is so big that demons in the buddhic plane use it to for destruction.) If these thing would come into the hands of the military or of greedy people of the buiseness-world then this would be an unbeleivale danger for mankind. Therefore the advanced scientists should see their responsibility not to publish the laws of gravity, but in most cases investors behind the projects want to see the fruits of their investments.