You think this site contains nonsense from the ancient times ...?

If You cant beleive in spiritual teachings the you have the choice to simply leave this site ! This site has not been written to convince modern ignorance !

My further answer to the IGNORANCE is : Your senses can ( from the principle ) only see a small aspect of the material world - just enough that You can adapt to nature . You depend upon the work of physicists and astronomists and mathematicians who made models and have new models and will make new and better models - and they beleive in their temporary ( necessarily simplifying ) models - but YOU mostly dont even know or understand that .

Every model is a kind of beleif because it it only describes the reality within certain borders - as a result of a process of abstraction , within which many "unimportances" have been neglected . To firmly beleive in something is a kind of beleif too ! To be unable to imagine something can come from the limited nature of the personal mind. On the other hand You are not the criterion of all things - and so not of that what is true or false !

And You are right : It is not logical that the last origin of things is spiritual : The first bang is logical for many scientists , but is it really logical to come out of the NOTHING : BANG ? - and why just out of that point in the inifinity ?

Your emotions are not logical either - please dont forget that !

You say that many esoteric people try to make a business with esoterics . Yes - but people who just try to make a business are everywhere in life - and the term "esoteric" does not mean much - it just means "secret". So please dont say that true spirituality is common esoterics !

If You want to live a materialistic life then let the others live their life. It is their legal right ! So where is Your tolerance ? What does it mean to be really modern !?

Is our praised culture not mainly old wine in new bottles - now with an additional modern multimedial surface "made in Hollywood" ?



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