Mother Divine

The concept of Shakti in Hinduism is loosely defined: :
The Hindu cosmic deities in the 'Trimurti' often have several Shakti with a wide colour gamut. Then there are the Parashakti and the Adi-Parashakti, who but reaches the maximum level of Satyaloka as Shakti of ' Swami Parambrahma' in Satyaloka which is the lowestplane of the somewhat loosely defined Parabrahman at which hinduism ends.

In kashmir Shaivism she is comparable with the Shakti of Sada-Shiva and her Shaktis(cit, ananda, iccha, jnana, kriya).
There is also still a higher Parashakti which corresponds to the step 22 of the 'universal doctrine' as the power aspect of the by Paramshiva emitted highest Shiva, not to be confused with Maheswara-Shiva in Ishvara Tattva.

In Buddhism has each Buddha ea kind of Yogini - Shakti, what is often looked at as uninion of mery and wisdom(prajna).

In Hinduism there are many dark and bright manifestations of the Shakti or creative power and of her Ananda on the lower planes. The most noted Shaktis are the Shaktis of Trimurti.

Godesses like UMA (Mother of the material Universes, in other form known as Parvati, the consort of Shiva), Durga (Bija :DUM) and Kali give a twilighted impression of the Mahashakti , the representative of the divine cosmic Devi .

There exist four big personifications of the Maha - Shakti, the " Mother Divine". These four godesses are comparable with the four beings around the throne in the revelation of the bible :

1. Mahasaraswati is the Mother of perfection, knowledge and wisdom.
2. Maheshwari is the Mother of immensity
3. Mahalakshmi is the Mother of sweetness, beauty, fragrance and harmony.
4. Mahakali is the Mother of aspiration and
These godesses are Maha-Devis and not godesses like the dark Kali (Buddhic plane)

Sri Aurobindo sees Lord Krishna as personification of the supramental divine kosmic Ananda. The tradition says that Krishna had for main-wifes and twelve secondary wifes - as can also be seen in the mandala used by Sri Aurobindo.

..The ONE shakti which we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence.(The Mother)

..The most indispensable of all for the overmind-realization is the personality of the mysterious and powerful ecstasy, which emanates from a highest divine love, the Ananda, which alone can heal the gap between the heights of the overmind and the deepest abyss of matter, the Ananda, that holds the real key of a wonderful divine life - and that supports all forces of the universe from his secrecy. other powers of the universe supports (Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, VI)

Mahakali (Kali ma, lightblue, not the dark Maya-Kali)

Her essence is the immediate realization. She is the warrior of the world. The strong loves her, the weak fears her. She is a teacher whose means is the pain if necessary. Mahakali is not the terrible goddess who calls for blood sacrifices and not to be confused with the many dark gods of the buddhic plane.

Mahakali is not a personification of Maya. Her complement is the blue Bhairava. From the encounter of the Atman with the Maya arises Kalaa-Kanchuka, the limited creative force, and later the lower Nada and personificated forces like the dark Kali(time).
"Every planet has its own Kali, one more terrible than the others," said the Mother(Aurobindo).
Then rotates the wheel of time and the causal plane arises, also called Buddhic level, with polar forces, since their hidden vibrating substance is Maya.

Sri Aurobindo has published the small book "The Mother" about the Mahashakti and her four aspects.

The most high ONE

" Today I have been asked to speak to you about the Avatar. The first thing I have to say is that Sri Aurobindo has written on this subject and the person who has asked me the question would do well to begin by reading what Sri Aurobindo has written. I shall not speak to you about that, for it is better to read it for yourself. But I could speak to you of a very old tradition, more ancient than the two known lines of spiritual and occult tradition, that is, the Vedic and Chaldean lines; a tradition which seems to have been at the origin of these two known traditions, in which it is said that when, as a result of the action of the adverse forces - known in the Hindu tradition as the Asuras - the world, instead of developing according to its law of Light and inherand ignorance that we know, the Creative Power implored the Supreme Origin, asking him for a special intervention which could save this corrupted universe; and in reply to this prayer there was emanated from the Supreme Origin a special Entity, of Love and Consciousness, who cast himself directly into the most inconscient matter to begin there the work of awakening it to the original Consciousness and Love.

In the old narratives this Being is described as stretched out in a deep sleep at the bottom of a very dark cave, and in his sleep there emanated from him prismatic rays of light which gradually spread into the Inconscience and embedded themselves of Awakening.
If one consciously enters into this Inconscient,one can still see there this same marvellous Being, still indeep sleep, con- tinuing his work of emanation, spreading his Light; and he will continue to do it until the Inconscience is no longer inconscient, until Darkness disappears from the world - and the whole creation awakens to the Supramental Consciousness. And it is remarkable that this wonderful Being strangely resembles the one whom I saw in vision one day,the Being whois at the other extremity,at the connes of form and the Formless. But that one was in a golden, crimson glory, whereas in his sleep the other Being was of a shining diamond whiteness emanating opal escent rays. Infact,thisistheorigin of all Avatars. He is, sotosay, the first universal Avatar who, gradually,has assumed more and more conscious bodies and nally manifested in a kind of recognised line of Beings who have descended directly from the Supreme to perfect this work of preparing the universe so that, through a continuous progression,it may become ready to receive and manifest the supramental Light in its entirety.
In every country, every tradition, the event has been predetails, particular features, but truly speaking, the origin of all these stories is the same, and that is what we could call a direct, conscious intervention of the Supreme in the darkest matter, without going through all the intermediaries, in order to awaken this Matter to the receptivity of the Divine Forces. The intervals separating these various incarnations seem to become shorter and shorter, as if, to the extent that Matter universe becomes the total Avatar of the Supreme.
( The Mother, Talks 28 May 1958 )
[Ann. : The attentive reader will have noticed how it is with the help of the Most High and how he deals with the beeings]

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