The master - the dispeller of darkness ?

The masters of the hierarchies had to give up their higher Ego already long before step 21. The Sadgurus had to give up even the higher EGO completely to reach steps higher than step 20 of the Universal Path, and therefore they are just the "knights" of the(ir) "lord".
"He" - is mostly a very high master of the hierachies in the SAT, a cosmic master (cosmic Christ, 2nd ray of the central spiritual sun) or a master like the over-cosmic Krishna or the highest Shiva. Only very rarely masters of the SAT lead an individual soul directly.

Because of his supreme integrating synthetic position the SAT and the higher planes know no moral , and therefore HE is mostly an absolute tyrant ( ray : Power, Will) and often an icecold selfcentric governeur (2nd ray : Wisdom-love). In the planes behind the Agama exist the laws of infinity !
Dependant on their specific ray or power these logosses are different, but the divine is ONE world. In the higher divine planes all things are in unity and surrender, and therefore these attributes are no problem there.
All that comes quite naturally from the quality of those forces which are later the precise unmovable laws of creation in the lower planes ! The first seed of imperfection is the first polarity in the divine planes under the Para-Nada, which causes the "Love-Wisdom"-conflict.
Shabda works directly and indirectly in all planes until down to the material world which it maintains by its vibration.
The One(s) uses all self-created forces for his purposes, even the Maya - Force, the force of divine anger. They uses everything (good and evil) for their purposes, and they do not want to hear the truth about that, and they see everything as transitory, even the Paramatma-Purusha.

At the first look this may sound unbeleivable, but absolute power is a tyrant, and absolute bliss (Ananda) can make unsensitive for pity like wisdom makes, and it transforms into the properties of the divine elements.

In 'HIS' case "ALL-" has to be added to all of those qualities, and nothing can resist to his omnipotence. The all-love is directed impersonally to all things, and it is a cosmic force. All-wisdom does not consider the individual, unless that is necessary for certain purposes. "He" preferres the servant whom he can use under all circumstancesa (absolute surrender), and he tolerates nothing besides himself (omnipotence).

Master D.K. tries to argue in the books of A.A. Bailey that with the beginning of the second cosmic initiation in the SAT the master is not any more allowed to do anything for the lower self or for the individual, and so act the masters which are on his ray. So simple is all that for the cosmic initiators. We are only a vibration of Maya or Kal.

These thoughts can make the impression of a false view of the Divine, but absolute bliss can make as icecold as absolute wisdom. Mercy, as thought in Buddhism, is not a high divine principle and it is transformed by the divine ananda. So we read in the cosmic vision of Arjuna in the Gita : "There was no place for mercy, there was only Krishna."

"If You dont want to do what the lord tells You, then the lord gets terifficly angry", The Mother (Aurobindo).

"You must become a sword of the Lord. The sword does not mind if it is used or put aside or being broken", (Sri Aurobindo in chapter 6 and 7 of the third part of 'The synthesis of Yoga'.

Many things which are normal for the human life will disappear. The many mental idols , principals and systems, the conflicting ideals, which man has created in all fields of his mind and of his life, cannot find acceptance and admiration in the light of the Gnosis.(Sri Aurobindo in 'The supramental manifestation on earth')

"Nobody is me worth to be loved, and nobody is me worth to be hated", says Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad - Gita, and "to him who falls down before me and sarifices a flower i give my grace".

Words of masters... (besides the usual wisdom) :

Some masters tell You that they are the satguru of our age.
God only wants our best - we see that on our earth... : He wants actually only His best.
You may feel nothing at all and suddenly You will be enlightened.
Others spoke about the beginning of the golden age(Kirpal).
Of course most of them teach the best path and have the highest teaching ...!
Others, like late Babaji from Histanapur in the Himalaya - told about a coming atomic war that will cost the life of 70 percent of mankind.
" If the Karma of a disciple is too bad then Babaji must often speak a word of straightening power", but does he really change the Karma ?
On the question whether god is a tyrant Supreme Master Ching Hai agreed 1993 : "Yes, God is a tyrant". On the further question : " In our time the population of our planet is exploding. Where do all those souls come from ?" she answered 1993 : " They come from the mineral kingdom "....

So we have the final choice between the path of divine self-realization of the personal divine self (evtl. under the leadership of a master), or the spiritual Samtan-Path, or the path of spiritual selfrealzation evtl. with devotion to the highest Buddhas.