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Islam and Muhammed

Muhammad received his first revelation in the year 610, on the mountain of Hira outside Mecca. The revelation came at a time when Muhammad searched for solitude. Muhammad received the first fraction of the Holy Koran from the archangel Gabriel, and experienced first such big pain that he feared that he was going to die.
Muhammad was ordered to recite the name of the lord. The first fraction wich Muhammad received is believed to be the beginning of sura 96:

''Recite in the name of your Lord, who created mankind from clots of blood. Recite, and your Lord will be the bountiful, he who have taught by the pen, taught mankind what was not known''.

This was the first revelation for a longer period. Then the revelations came back, and continued for the rest of Muhammad's life. The revelations changed the style during the 22 years of revelations, from more poetic in the beginning to more prosaic later. In the content, it changed from warnings on what was to come to mankind from God if man didn't turn in direction of God's will, to regulations on behavior and rules for the society.
The suras and hadiths available are the result of work from about 100 years after Muhammad's death.

The Qu´ran, the sacred book of Islam, contains 114 Suren(chapters).
The five main piers (Arkan) of the faith are stressed there particularly :

Schahada (the declared beleif)
Salat (the duty prayer) - five times daily in ritual purity
Practice of charity - for arms and for people, who are in need because of their beleif
The fast (Saum)
The pilgrimage to Mekka (Hadsch)
(and not influence, money and relationships)

At Mohammeds time the moongod Hubal and three female goesses were predominant(Qur'an Sura 53:19-20) at Mekka. The Kaaba was before a temple of the moongod Hubal. It was konquered and changed into an islamic center.

Nevertheless was the early Islam not only a worldly religion but it had inner teachings which were conveyed by the Derwish- und Sufi-orders which today maintain their distance to official Islam.
One system can be found in the alchemical exercises of the Bektashi-Derwish-Order, which are hidden ( ..;alam;...;na) in the Quran. This order teaches that the Quran has a double secret meaning.
They had been brought to western europe and published by the german Baron Sebottendorf, the founder of the Thule order (1918).
But these secret exercises are first for progressed disciples of stage 12 of the Universal Doctrine !

Other practices are known, in which the student draws a circle around himself into the sand. Then he sprites the fingers of the right hand and puts the hand plate on the right ear and meditates over the inner silence and sounds of the right ear.

"The day will surely come when you will see faithful men and women, the true believers, marching forward, with a light going before them, and carrying lights in their right hands. A voice will declare to them: Rejoice at the good news! Today you will enter gardens watered by running streams, in which you will live for ever. That will be the supreme triumph."(Qur'an, Surat Al-Hadid, Surah 57:12-);(i.e Step 17 of the U.P.)

The Qu´ran has an inner secret meaning : In " The Bokhari" (Vol.15, p.3615) the story is told that Mohammed rides on a ' white horse' to the top of the holy mountain and meets Allah and the ten prophets (like the 10 Sephiroth).
The holy mountain is to be equated at the same time with the mountain Sinai (or Horeb) or the mountain Zion, the aspiration into the divine.
The white horse is comparable with the horse, with which Nibelung-Hero Sigfried rides to the dragon "Fafnir"(13) and the white horse that is finally to be seen in the Waite Tarot on the card 19, the spirituall all-love, which is different from the human love, which is only a kind of desire.
The 10 prophets are comparible with the 10 Sephiroth, the first emanations of the creative divine, of Allah. (Moses receives on the Sinai the chalkboards with the 10 commandments which are also on the head of several Pharaos).

I mix these things here because many fanatic islamic people think that their religion is the unique extraordinary religion, and that Allah has come to only them.
The Jewish religion and the ISLAM both look at Abraham as their father. But Jesus, whose crucification is not accepted in Islam (Sure 4:157), says in the Bible that Abraham is only the father of the 'children of the light', and that the devil is the real father of the others and even of those, who only watch the rules and faste like the Pharisees.

There is the beleive in Islam that those, who die in a worldly "holy war"(Jihad), will go into paradise.
But the real "holy war" would be the long path of step 15 of the 22 steps, it is the war of the holy soul.
The leaders of wordly islamic wars have only abused the fanatism of undeveloped people for their intolerance and their desires for power and wealth. The groups in Islam who fight against each other and the wars in the past are a sign of decadency and darkness.

Worldly promises such as "with seven virgins in the paradise" speak probably for itself and have the aim to awaken certain desires and to attract people, and came often from old poets.
"Whoever strives (jaahada), he only strives for his own self'(29:6). Further Jihad is for "defence against the enemies and against the devil", Qu´ran(as shown on Tarotcard 15 - because the holy warrior fights this holy fight on step 15) etc. .
So the true IMAM(priest) has spiritual selfrealization of step 16 of the Universal Doctrine, comparably with the hinduistic Brahmin who only teaches and the Brahmin who is rooted in the Brahman.
The encounter of Mohammed with the archangel Michael in the cave could be interpreted as a description of step 18 of the UNIVERSAL PATH. Allah would then be the highest divine power streamed out by the Sat as the Tarotcard 22 shows.

Revealing religion
The official Islam understands itself as a revelation religion, and the transferred knowledge of Allah, his four archangels, the 12 prophets and Allahs name to be fits seamless into the spiritual tradition:
The God-love, which was later equated by Jesus with the true true charity, is the first rule of the old Bible ("Thou shallst love Jahve with all Your heart...) In its true divine form it is not an emotion but a universal spiritual force.
In the book Hiob and in the Apocalypse, a similar knowledge is mediated.
Also hinduism knows the divine consciousness with its four powers is the four faces of Brahma, the creator, and the 12 active powers as a Mandala, apart from the highest Shabda, the "tone" or Name(Nama) of creation, in the Kabbalah as the inexpressible SCHEM. The deeper unerstanding of this knowledge was reserved the initiates.

Also the doctrine of only one God, has to be relativized on ALLAH as part of an universal cosmic Divine.
This God revealed himself to Mohammed through his archangels and prophets, who are his forces. The consciousness of Muhammad and in particular of his beleivers was much too limited and too planetary, and if Muhammed had finally received the knowledge of a master, he had to keep it for himself.

"Thy Lord is the Absolute, the Lord of Mercy. If He will, He can remove you and can cause what He will to follow after you, even as He raised you from the seed of other folk." (Sura 6:133)

This islamic understanding of the divine(Allah) is similar to the kabbalist "Jah Jahwe Zebaoth" who is also beleived to be graceful and merciful. But He is not the highest divine but rather the creator of the 5th plane .

Ascends into heaven were already described before in Egypt(Papyrus Ani) and in the Book of Enoch and in the 'First vision of Ezekiel'. It seems that Muhammed has been inspired by jewish Merkaba-literature. So he found a possibility to expand islamic influences up to Jerusalem.

An universal sight would be: There is one planetary 'LOGOS', who lives high above the highest divine with the other higher Logosses in unity beyond space and time. The divine stream of his "Name"(Nam , Hindu : OM, Naam) created the worlds. HE reveales himself through the divine archangels.

The inofficial beleif (Hadith) in the Imam MADHI(Machti), who is painted as a rider with a long lance in his hand and who is expected come in 2 Phases : 1. At the beginning of a time of social and spiritual decadency - 2. back after a prediction after a time of the desolation and clutter and keep court about mankind will therefore be a disappointment not only for Islam because HE will come to ALL religions and not only to this limited religion.
In Zoroastrianism will the deliverer of the world Sosiosh (Zend) or Soshyos(Persian) similarly come on a white horse in a whirl of fire[Avesta (Yast 19:89)]. Mazdaism tenet is similar to Islam that God is infinite and indescribable, having no face, form, or color etc..

The unofficial spiritual side of Islam is the SUFISM , whose masters became well known in the west. A Sufi has turned away from the world and follows entirely the path to Allah.
Therefore each Arabic country has its own Sufimaster.The visions of God about which Sufis report, are classified as secondary by official Islam, and only the vision of Mohammed is accepted as "the Vision", but actually the critics cannot judge this lacking own visions(Surah 70, 1-4).

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