The Kalachakra - Tantra

The Kalachakra - Tantra is a very old tibetan tantric system with three planes, the outer plane, the inner plane and the "other" plane. It was written long before buddha Gautama and was partially changed during the centuries of its existence.

The outer section is about the emerging of the universe, about astronomy and geography. The outer Kalacakra deals also with the cycles of the stars and planets and the forces of our existence.

The two other parts are secret and are only disclosed to ripe initiated people. They have been written down in a "shady language" as many other old secret books.

The "inner" part deals with the human body and mind and with methods of meditation, regarding body, mind and soul, and involving medicin.

The "other" Kalachakra deals about the spiritual field with countless protecting deitys. It contains cosmic visualizations with Mandalas and a multitude of deitys. The unification of male and female deitys symbolizes the unity of compassion and wisdom. The main mantra is "Om Ha Sva Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yam".

All three parts find together in the idea of the existence of an ADI - Buddha, who symbolizes the final reality and is even free from the emptyness, who spins the wheel of time, the cycle of creation and destruction.
To the initiated person who has realized this, every moment reveals the eternal NOW.

About the origin of the very old Kalachakra exist many theories. Partially it is assigned to the old Bön-Religion of Tibet, partially it is looked at as a reveal from Shambhala.

In Buddhist Buddhist traditions is Shamballa (Wylie: pron. De-jung) a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. Some tibetan lamaism see Shambhala as a town in the material reality which has been made invisible by magic means or forces.

A.A.Bailey (Meister D.K.) tells us that Shambhala is very high above the clouds of the Gobi desert in the atmic plane - a purely spiritual place. H.P. Blavatski says similarly that she got her knowledge from there.

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