Biowaves - Brain currents

The momentary human mind is bound to the brain . Brainwaves are a important regulating factor of the human psyche . Even if neuroscience and behavioural psychology work together, they still do not throw enough light on the subjective experience, because both disciplines see mainly the objektive perspektive of the third person.

The human brain generates different waves of various frequencies during the different phases of sleep.
In 1924, the German psychiatrist Hans Berger(1873-1941) connected a couple of electrodes to a patient's scalp and detected a small current. This led to the development of the EEG ( Elektroenzephalogramm).

Modern medicine knows various brainwaves:

Delta-Waves are in the range from 1 to 4 Hz and appear during deep sleep, which is unvaluable for regeneration of body, immunesystem and cells and parallel of the inner psychic balance.

Theta-Waves are in the range from 4 to 8 Hz. They appear in a state of deepest relaxiation or deep meditation. Daydreams - in their dangerous form knows as short 'mental absence' during Motorway driving - are undesirable phases of the Theta-Waves. Their use or generation cab kann long improve the memory and the ability to concentrate and to learn.

Alpha-Waves are in the range from 8 to 13 Hz. They appear during states of light relaxiation.

Beta-Wellen are in the range of 14 to 40 Hz. They are the brainwaves during normal wake state and during excited situations. Situations of light stress and anxiety can lead to Beta-waves too.

Some esoteric breath exercises can change the brainwaves. Already Prof. Stephan Palos described in his book "Breath and meditation" strong changed activities of the brain.

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Biofeedback : This technique was modern for a time and allows controlled deep relexiation [1.]
A stimulation by electroacupunkture can be successful too.

Muscle-stimulators : Thru stimulus currents the muscles relaxe. These devices generate very short impulses and are evtl. not quite safe if used for a long time.

Tens-Pulser (0-120Hz / 0-130 mA/ singlesided Pulse): Their effect is based on stimulation of nerves. Because of thir hight currents they are controversial(depending upon construction).

Bloodzapper (3,92 Hz / Ik=3mA /alternating squarewaves]. He was built by a Mr. Beck . It is a generator of small alternating current of 3,92 Hz with a current limit of 2 mA. which stimulates muscles and weakens bakteries and virusses(US-Patent).[ Circuit-diagram]

With some magnetic pulsers exist good experiences too.