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Many texts of the old testament contain hidden descriptions of the path. I want to indicate here only a few examples: Exodus, Noah, Jonas, Genesis, Salomon, Abraham. It should not be forgotten that the Thora was vocally transmitted and was first written down 500 B.C..

The exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and the 40-year migration to the promised land is somewhat controversial, as a rider with a fast camel can pass through the Sinai within a day. Even the date of the destruction of Jericho is not archaeologically traceable.

The inner path begins here with the first experience of the the "I AM THE I AM (Moses). The resistance of the Pharaoh und the 10 plagues describe the steps 3-12 of the Universal Doctrine.
Only the Israelites survive on step 12 because they coated their doorposts with blood - they had developed the two pillars 'Jachim' and 'Boaz'(1 Kings 7:46). of their inner Temple.(DAM means : Red Blood in hebrew language)
Only the children of the Isrealites survive. The Tarotkarte 12 shows these doorposts.

After the passage through the "Red Sea" across the seabed (step 13) and the death of the Egyptians(=lower self), begins the path to the mountain Sinai (step 14; the mountain stands here symbolically for the aspiration into the divine).

The Sinai is a first highpoint of the development(1st initiation) and Moses receives the two plates with the 10 commandments, which can be seen on the head of some pharaos too.
These plates give not only any moral rules but come from a divine consciousness and are the result of the spiritual developement to the height of a cherub.
Also the Manna receives with this a further secret meaning in that it becomes a permanent "nectar".

** A first hint on the alchemist 'stone of first order' gives the dance around the 'golden calf'(earth principle), comparably also with the birth of the Egyptian 'Horus', the divine child, the first rebirth.

On the long path of the step 15 through the desert follows the death of Moses (step 16).
From now on Aaron leads the israelites to the entrance of the "praised country Kanaan" of the enlightenment, in which milk and honey flow, after the fall of the city Jericho under trumpet sounds (a similar city Babylon falls also in the Apocalypse in the chapter 18). Aaron means also: "the enlightened".
Therefore the résumé of the Moses until the mission explains itself as a symbolic description of the three involutionary human stages.

NOAH (Noach)
Similar is the story of the great flood. Noahs trip with the ark corresponds here with step 8, where the lower nature is drunk and left behind(Pranayama).
Noah is not allowed to take more than one animal of every species into the arc, the lower self with the exception of the archetypes is flooded. (After the legend only the unicorn refused to go into the ark).

The appearance of the rainbow is a sign of the end of the trial path(U.P. 14), the successful building of the rainbow-bridge(Anthakarana) and the beginning of the first initiation with the Venus-Phase, otherwise known as the alchemistic peacock-tail or peacock-eye.

Similar is the statement in the first letter of St. Peter (1,3.20)
"Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water."
The initiated St. Peter compares the rescue of Noah through the water to the baptism of John.
The christian path starts here first with the first initiation(U.P.14), the birth of the "Jesus-child", which is announced throught the angel, the Venusphase of U.P.14, which the Tarotcard 14 shows.

Well known from the ancient esoteric freemasionary is also the master architekt Hiram , who builds the salomonic temple with the columns "Jachim and Boaz", in which first after that the divine(Jehovah) takes in(step 14).
On this Old Testament story related the ancient esoteric freemasionary, on which alchemists like Basilius Valentinus relied.

Also the Genesis yields a few things:
"God" - ElohimIHWH - is here the force which leads the process (like 'Moses') until step 16.
At the 6th day, Elohim creates Adam( red earth ) as man and women (step6).

On step 8 Eve is created. The "temptation" by the snake follows on step 9.
Tarotcard 9 shows the snake-rod and the snake which is equivalent to the Kundalini-snake of the Yoga.
Tarotcard 10 shows similarly two united forces and above the guard with the sword - the Cherubim-angel before the paradise.

Elohim banishes the pair and places the Cherubim east of the garden of Eden with the flame-sword so that they guarded the way to the tree of life(1. Book Mose 3.24).
These two Cherubim are the guardians of the threshold, which the searcher must realize in himself if he wants to be in paradise.
Even the 'arc of the covenant' with Jehova in the tabernacle had been decorated with two Cherubim-Statues on Jehova's instruction.
On the "banishment" follows the birth of cain (step 11) and then of Abel(breath, hint, step 11), who are together the two posts of the 12th tarotcard.
The higer mental aspect 'Qain' slains on step 13 the higher vital person 'ABEL' and Qain goes on the path of the "stranger on earth" - with the sign on the forehead( step 14) and his race will grow and he will have many related (step 15, 2nd initiation).

Even Jakob Böhme wrote in his 'Mysterium Magnum'(Statement on the First Book of Moses) on the secret meaning of Genesis: "With the formation of Eve, the biggest secret is to understand, because you have the birth of nature and human Primitive State to take up quite intimately and understand, if we would see the reason. Because it is half the Adam, not Adam's flesh entirely taken, but from his essence, from the female parts. She is Adam's Matrix."

Boehme understands the 'Mysterium Magnum' as the chaos on which light and darkness as the foundation of heaven and hell have for ever flown and been revealed',( Clavis 21,22).

'The right real faith is the living true power of God. His burning fire is the fire flaming love of god, which breaks out and does the work',(Apologia contra Gregorium Richter, 46)
'Though flesh and blood can not take the divine essence, but only the spirit, if he is enlightened and ignited by God'(Aurora 1,1).

Another deep veiled story is the life path of Avram (אַבְרָם) and his wife Sarai (שָׂרַי) to the Abraham. After the separation from Lot(U.P. Step 6), who moves into the Jordan Valley (in the vicinity of Sodom and Gomorrah), Avram lives in Canaan. (אַבְרָהָם) First he gets from his slave Hagar his son Ismael ('Yahweh hears', ie. U.P. step 10) and first then from Sarai his Son Isaac, whom he sacrifices in the country Moria on a mountain('JHWH sees'), who is saved at the last moment by Yahweh and replaced by a 'ram sacrifice' (of the lower nature - ie. 1st initiation, U.P. step 14).
Yahweh promised that He will bless Sara, and she would bring Avram within one year a son. He further promised that from her will emerge peoples and kings. (2nd initiaton).
The expulsion of Hagar's son Ishmael and the retrieval by Yahweh are the second and third stage of the 15th step.
The destruction of Sodom und Gomorra through Jahwe follows on step 16.

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