<"http://universal-path.org/back7.jpg" versal-path.org/back7.jpg" versal-path.org/back7.jpg" It could finally be cleared from where the extraterrestial ships come :

They come from Andromeda !
But Andromeda is momentarily not inhabitable.
Therefore they fly there and then they perform a time travel. First then they are at home.

You say that Andromeda is also a camel-race and that i am playing with You ?¿?
Well - then simply just not!

(By the way the ministery of defence now employs an Arab at the UFO - Hotline !)

But i do not want to stress Your humor.

Space adventures are a nowadays a theme for Hollywood und most people smile about the UFO theme because of the multitude of known imitations.
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But should higher cultures seriously give us their technologies so that we would be able to waste new energies, produce enormous quantities of absurd or laughable or dangerous things and incredible weapons and could finally become a danger for the extraterrestials ?
The technologies are nowadays in the hands of military and business man.
The existence of the Ufos cannot be excluded completely : A higher culture could be able to compensate the gravitation fields around a ship (these have often been described as ROUND disks - but of course not the improved Nazi UFOs ) by an anti-gravitation-field which would make possible that the relative movement of EINSTEIN is not effective.
But we are still thousands of years away from a technology of that kind.

The yoga-scool of Shivananda and the Eckankar-Scool spoke openly of the existence of such extraterrestial cultures and visitors.

The Cheops Pyramid

It has been guessed that the spiritual sciences were brought to us 12000 years ago from Sirius and Orion (the two small channels in the Cheops-pyramid point towords these - exactly in spring 12500 years ago ) from higher cultures where spirituality and technology go hand in hand and things are handled with responsibly - otherwise such cultures would soon have distinguished themselfes.

Observing in spring (star picture 12500 years ago! ) the stars around Sirius and Orion with a telescope one sees in the Orion a group of bright stars. The projection of these big stars on the egyptian desert is exactly the position of the pyramids.
At the position of the Milky way flows the Nile !

But the ORION cannot be seen with good eyes, and the egyptians had no telescopes.

Momentarily again movement has came into the contention about the age of the pyramids. The washings around the Sphinx were only posible at a time of 12500 years ago. After that time were not such amounts of water in egypt.

The head of the Sphinx is much too small in comparison with her body. It could be possible that originally it had the head of a lion which broke off. Very much later a pharao "repaired" it with his face in the small rest of the head.

12000 years ago parts of the Italian coast sank down almost 300 meters. One can prove that at the stalactites of caves under water - which cannot be formated under water. These processes could eventually have caused the easy curve of the air tunnels in the Cheops pyramid.
On the other hand then also the possibility would exist that first by this Atlantic catastrophe the staggering of the portion was evoked and therewith the zodiac migration, so that the fixed view in direction of Orion would have its natural sense.
Also the end of the "ice-age" about 10000 years ago would then have another explanation.

But there are also modern voices against the dates of the Egyptian cultivation from 800 b.C. on. ( In addition as a reading material: Illig/rewards: The building of the Cheops-Pyramid .)
There is hardly anything known about CHEOPS - the architect (?) of the CHEOPS - pyramid.

In spite of all the euphoria for the Egyptian empire should not be overseen that a limited group of people lived on costs of an army of slaves, which was naturally the same in other cultures!

The actual mysteries were always only accessible to small group of ripe souls. But the irrational myths of the living after the death of the embalmed egyptians scarcely came out of the temples of the true initiated - the death of Osiris had a different secret meaning.

Many researchers and people of esoteric interest have intensively studied the pyramid and wrote about that (just for critical studies):

Rober Bauval: The secret of the Orion

Michael Haase: The riddle of the Cheops

Fritz Noetling: The cosmic numbers of the Cheops pyramid, 1921